I Heart ‘Hajime’ @ Jalan Damai, Off Jalan Ampang, KL

The first time I dined at Hajime was almost a year ago with Samantha. I have loved that place ever since, but never got around to visiting it for a second time.

Recently, I decided to give M an early birthday treat and immediately thought of Hajime.

Hajime's Puffer Fish Logo
Hajime's Puffer Fish logo

I was excited as we drove into the big bungalow that houses the restaurant. I just love the interior of the place. Warm and inviting. We were shown to our seats at the tatami style dining area. M had left the ordering to me and I had a field day browsing their menu. It had changed quite a bit since I was there last.

First to arrive was the spicy sauce salmon tataki (RM32). The salmon was lightly seared to give it just a hint of smokey flavour. The black pepper sprinkled on top gave it a nice crunchy taste. A real explosion of flavours and textures!

Spicy Sauce Salmon Tataki
Spicy Sauce Salmon Tataki

Next we had the grilled scallops with cheese – Hotatei Ninniku (RM16). This was amazing!! My favourite dish of the night! The scallops were grilled just right to maintain the juiciness of the scallops and the cheese topping was just icing on the cake! Perfect!

Hotatei Ninniku
Hotatei Ninniku

M likes his cold soba, so we had the green tea chasoba (RM18). I loved the presentation! We guessed that they made the noodles fresh upon our order. With a nice bite to it, it got M’s stamp of approval.

Green Tea Chasoba
Green Tea Chasoba

We ordered 2 different varieties of sushi – the California Cheese Unagi Maki (RM26) and the Black Spider Roll (RM20). The California Cheese Unagi Maki looked impressive indeed! The sushi was very well made indeed and tasted really good.

California Cheese Unagi Maki
California Cheese Unagi Maki

But I did prefer the Black Spider Roll (crispy soft shell crab sushi). Notice the caviar? Hajime definitely gets top marks for presentation! And the best thing about it is that it tastes as good as it looks!

Black Spider Roll
Black Spider Roll

Next up was the Beef with light wasabi sauce (RM24). This was a really interesting mix of flavours. The beef was coated and lightly fried and had hints of wasabi which was just right, not too overpowering.

Wasabi Beef
Wasabi Beef

Finally to end the meal, we decided to have the Kurogoma (Black Sesame) Ice cream (RM12) which was much raved about on the blogs. I did have high hopes for this. It was fragrant. Very sesame-y indeed! A bit too overpowering for both M and me though. I had wanted to order the matcha ice cream too! Oh well… next time then 🙂

Kurogoma Ice Cream
Kurogoma Ice Cream

By the end of it, M and I were stuffed with really good, really rich Japanese food!

Hajime may be on the pricey side but definitely worth it as a treat once in a while. It really does have it all – wonderful romantic ambience, divine food and great service!

Hajime is located at 64 Jalan Damai, Off Jalan Ampang, 55000 KL. Its located opposite Raffles School of Design. For reservations, call 03-2143 0073.

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  1. help/….. someone help me… help me from suffering…

    this is a BAD website that not suitable for all man kind who is hungry at the middle of the night….

    GERAM……. I will make u fat…… hee hee

  2. penangtuapui – hahaha your site also veli bad la. already make me veli fat liao~!! 😛

    J2Kfm – oh i do envy KL’s food scene… but penang seems to be catching up. just spotted a new irish pub being renovated now. 🙂

    allie – yeah price quite damaging. but once in a while..ok la 🙂

    550ml jar of faith – yes i could live on the salmon tataki too! lol

  3. oh u were in KL?
    Japanese restaurants a lot in Pg now right? I stil luv Isaribi Tei but along Pulau Tikus, it’s crazee ..so many within such close vicinity!
    yup Pg is catching up..U guys got a Bulgarian restaurant for food’s sake! (*envy*)

  4. thenomadgourmand – hi there! yes i was in Kl recently. i do go quite often 🙂 and yes its crazy that pulau tikus alone has got about 7 japanese restaurants in the area! lol

    life for beginners – ooooo lucky you!!!!!!!!! ~jealous jealous~ 😛

  5. oh… i just love japanese food. there areso many japanese restaurant out there for me to go try out. i’m not that familiar with KL. i think i can try all the restaurant in penang first before i go for KL. hehehe.

  6. hi pixen! I just called the restaurant about the fugu, since i dont remember seeing it on the menu that night. Currently they have stopped serving it, but I’m told they will be serving it again in December. Best to call to check in December though if you plan to go just for the fugu! 🙂

    1. hi evon, to get to Hajime, go along Jalan Ampang. If you are coming from KLCC, Nikko Hotel on your right, Ampang Park on your left, you will come to a major cross road/traffic light. go straight across. you will see a police station on your right and just after that is a small turn off into Jalan Sejahtera. Turn into that road and then turn left onto Jalan Damai. Or you can have a look at the map HERE (its the Map to Raffles School of Design, Hajime is just next to it)

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