Harvest In Cafe @ Irrawaddy Road, Penang

hiHarvest In Cafe serves lunch (11am-3.30pm) and dinner (6-10pm). Its interesting to note that they have separate menus for lunch and dinner. For the lunch menu, main meals start from RM7.90 onwards. For lunch, they have some Asian/Local dishes as well. We were there for dinner and noted that main meals start from RM9.90 onwards.

hi7For dinner, you can opt to pay an extra RM4.90 to make it into a set meal. For that RM4.90, you’ll get a soup of the day, drink (coffee/tea/ice lemon tea/ice peach tea) and a dessert. Our soup of the day was Mushroom Soup which was pretty standard fare.

hi10Harvest In Cafe offers various Western style main meals ranging from chicken to fish to beef/lamb and pasta. The Grilled Almond Fish (RM19.80) came highly recommended so we were sold on that. We were told that they use Sole fillets. The portion sizes to me, was just nice. The potato wedges were hot and crisp. Meanwhile, the fish was delicately pan fried and coated with a fragrant brown sauce topped with lots of sliced almonds. Lovely! But a tad bit too salty for me.

hi11When I saw the Honey Mustard Chicken (RM13.90) on the list, I was immediately attracted to it as its quite an unusual dish (here in Penang at least!). The grilled chicken chop was marinated very well with honey and hints of mustard which was not too overpowering. For those who prefer more mustard-y punch, a mustard based dipping sauce is served together with the dish. Served with an excellent butter rice.

hi12The Hungarian Spicy Chicken (RM14.90) looked promising as well. Taste wise, I found it tasted more like Malay style spicy chicken instead of Hungarian! lol. But it was indeed tasty and my brother wolfed down every mouthful. 🙂

We had originally wanted to try the Asian Spicy Chicken but was afraid that it might be too spicy. Will go back and try this some other time!

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  1. That almond fish looks gorgeous! I wouldn’t even mind the sodium overload 😛 It seems little places like this are opening up quite rampantly in Penang but somehow business still not sustainable. Here’s hoping this sticks around, long enough for me to try it when I go back anyway!

    550ml jar of faith´s last blog post..We like pasta, we like wine!

  2. BBO – yep. nice look to it 🙂

    NKOTB – no, casablanca is just a lil further down the road. the old casablanca is at the corner of irrawaddy road and service road (which is now one way)

    food paradise – hope you’ll like the food! lunch seems more worth it! (cheaper prices but different food choices)

    J2Kfm – oh yeah! you’re right abt the almond fish. it is rather similar to little cottage’s version. not too sure if it tastes the same though since i havent tried little cottage’s.

  3. I just went today with my colleagues this noon, I personally enjoy the ambience & also the food. Thus far I had order the soup of the day, Cajun Turmeric chicken rice, & Honey Lemon Ice. I personally love the Cajun Turmeric chicken meal – the blend of both lemon & turmeric sauce with the low fat chicken breast portion, is just nicely perfect. Pleasantly enough, the honey lemon tho an ordinary drink, saturation & mix were nicely blend, not too sweet, not to sour, just nice 🙂 perfect. but doesnt really like the soup of the day – brown sausage soup with garlic bread (garlic bread is good :P) . Overall still thumbs up, the food is relatively reasonable without 10+5% tax 😀 simply love it.

  4. haha..
    i like the enviroment and food….
    and also the price is fair enufff for everyone…

  5. this place used to be where i go for physics tuition! Mr. Arun? mayb other tutors used this place too cos u said u went there for BM tuition! 🙂
    anyways, i find the food here really fantstic. the dishes are very flavourful and the portion is just perfect for us asians. i’ve tried the cajun chicken for lunch. comes with creamy mustard sauce. divine. 🙂
    the decor gives tis place an air of elegance and wide space because of the use of white. It stands out from the rest of the houses.
    this is a place i’ll definitely go back to over n over again 🙂

    1. hi yi xin! glad you liked the place! yeah i used to go there for BM tuition (form 1-3 i think) wasnt aware that there was physics tuition there too! lol

  6. hi helen, the phone number is written at the end of the post. here it is again in case you missed it 🙂
    Harvest In Cafe Tel: 04-226 1718

    1. its at the corner of irrawaddy road and chow thye road (off burmah road), the last photo has a map to the place.

  7. Will never go to this place again, staff is very rude and not friendly at all. Made reservation but ran a little late so called to say coming a lil late, staff over the phone says cannot will have to give up our table that staff did not talk nicely more like arrogant very rude like do not want to entertain us. So pleaded staff to keep our table, upon arrival few minutes upon agreed time found that staff gave up our table nevertheless still staff was rude to us not want to entertain us. It will be that last time I will ever go there it’s not like their food is the best I have tasted far better food then theirs with better pricing in Penang. The reason we chose to dine here was the atmosphere quite cozy. Anyway I hate restaurants like this thinks that they are superior and can treat their customers like shit. Not “Impressive” at all

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