Ah’ Basri Satay – The Place To Satisfy Your Satay Cravings!

Written by Lingzie

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I’ve heard quite a bit about Ah Basri satay from my dear readers. But I’ve never actually found out where it was, until one night, I was hit by the mother of all satay cravings! Now when you get hit by a satay craving that big, not just any satay will do. Thus I set out on a mission! After googling and reading this, this and this post, I was fairly certain that I was on the right track towards satay heaven.


A photo of the satays… just as a teaser *wink*


Upon arrival at Ah’ Basri Satay in Sungai Ara, dining companions in hand, I was delighted to find that it has a small area for parking within the building’s compound. And no smoking allowed! πŸ™‚


I was promptly seated and handed a menu. Each table has order chits where you can write down your orders ala Old Town. This ain’t your typical satay stall!


Satay being grilled at a section separate from the dining area – so you won’t walk out smelling like grilled meats!


Nasi Himpit (RM1 per portion). Pretty good nasi himpit here – its nice and soft (no dried crusty nasi impits!) What I love is the satay sauce. Its thick and chunky with lots of peanuts. My dining companions and I just couldn’t get enough of it!


We tried Ah’ Basri’s Garden Salad (RM3.50) with much delight. The vegetables were fresh and eating them with some satay sauce made it even better! I also loved the fact that they included crunchy green apple chunks into their salad! Simple yet refreshing!


My dining companion had previously asked me “We’re just going to eat satay only? Will it be enough?”

Well fret not, dear readers, for Ah’ Basri Satay also provides set meals – 3 sticks of satay (of your choice) with rice (tomato rice, planta rice or nasi lemak) We opted for the tomato rice set with 3 sticks of chicken satay (RM4.50). The chicken satay did not disappoint! It was tender and flavorful. However, I didn’t care much for the tomato rice.

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  1. popoyan says:

    this is the best satay I have ever had thus far.
    I bring quite a number of my friend there and they all say this is the excellent satay.

    Satay Kajang – OUT.

    popoyan´s last blog post..Wanna sweat a lot without sports?

    • Ahmad Basri says:

      Thank you for introduce your friend to our stall. By the way, we had shifted out of Sungai Ara. Our new outlet now located in D’Piazza Mall. You can located us in Google map by searching Ah Basri Satay. Hope to hear from you. Good day.

  2. J2Kfm says:

    wow! and I thought plain old chick/beef satay only!

    can bookmark this, and bring this Motormouth the nex round? πŸ™‚

    J2Kfm´s last blog post..Teluk Intan Nasi Pulut & Buntong Beef Noodles @ New Weng Fatt, Ipoh

  3. ck lam says:

    Have key in this makan outlet…can’t wait to sink my teeth into the succulent meat πŸ™‚

    ck lam´s last blog post..Malaysian Kueh – Penang Nyonya Kuih

  4. Lingzie says:

    popoyan – yup! i agree with you! best satay i’ve had so far πŸ™‚

    J2Kfm – most definitely! come come! hehe

    CK – im sure you’ll enjoy the lamb.

  5. Nate says:

    Mmm! make me hungry for satay! Nice that they have a non-smoking section πŸ™‚

    Nate´s last blog post..Marble Cake Recipe

  6. wow… i’ve mark this down and will start bugging hubby to take me there. πŸ™‚

    thanks for sharing!!

    New Kid On The Blog´s last blog post..Ivy’s Kitchen

  7. coollong says:

    The satay is the best ever, and the service r way beyond of expectation.

  8. allie says:

    WOw! Reading the way you describe how tasty the satay is make me wanna go there right now and grab a few sticks!

    allie´s last blog post..Shervone Cake Tasting

  9. Little Inbox says:

    Oh, thanks for sharing this. It’s quite near my place. Will plan a makan there only after I recover from flu.

    Little Inbox´s last blog post..Northbridge Chinese Restaurant ??????

  10. PenangTuaPui says:

    we had been there, the consistancy still need to improve. The meat is nice… just lack of the satay fragrant that i look for….

    but nice place to hang up with friend…..

    PenangTuaPui´s last blog post..Yummy Cuisine Sungai Ara – Chu Cha

  11. vixar says:

    hmm, they are abit pricey compare with the normal one, but they look juicyyy!!

  12. That’s actually quite brilliant – complementing the sizzling satay with refreshing salad greens… especially since I’m never a fan of the typical large cucumber slices offered. πŸ˜›

    Life for Beginners´s last blog post..The Cotswolds

  13. sakaigirl says:

    This looks really pro! I have to salute them for putting the No Smoking sign!!! The satays and salad looks great!! thanx for the intro! I’ll hunt this down, muahaha

  14. buzzingbee says:

    I wanna go I wanna go….sooo tempting!!!
    I tried a satay stall in the food court opposite PISA but it didn’t look similar to this one!

    buzzingbee´s last blog post..Japin in Queensbay Mall

  15. kelvin chng says:

    May I have the address??

  16. Alan says:

    I really enjoyed reading your review. So passionate! putting all your love for Basri’s satay in your blog. Can really tell you love his satay a lot. I will make this place a must visit!!

    Alan´s last blog post..Sungai Pinang Food Court

  17. MnYfoodtalk says:

    I never notice there is a place selling these kind of satay in Penang. I thought I can only eat in Japan, which they called “Yakitori”, and it is really really delicious. I must go to try the one you mentioned here.

    MnYfoodtalk´s last blog post..Char-Koay-Kak | Bringchang-Pasar-Malam | Cameron-Highland

  18. Al’Basri has the best satay in Penang. I have so far not found any satay in Penang that can beat it. Although it may look pricey to some ppl, but trust me. You will not regret it.

    Try the Sotong and Udang satay. U can’t get this anywhere else. You should also try tandori satay…

    Come to Al’Basri for the best satay in Penang…

    Ziyad Maricar´s last blog post..45 Life Lessons from a 90 Year Old …

  19. Andy Lim says:

    This is truly the best satay I have ever tasted. The best thing is I personally know the person who started this business, it’s actually a Chinese guy he mentored the Malay guy who did the market research & came up with this BEST recipe. The detoxification process I was told is done to the meat before marinating it so the meat is free from whatever chemicals existing from the meat supplier. This will help the meat maintain its texture even after it has left the bbq grill for some time. Definitely the “healthier” choice ha ha!

  20. Ed Kiew says:

    Hi Sam,

    What a great satay ( especially original ) The party last nite was great with your satay. it was the first item that was snapped up. Luckily I ordered 100 sticks.

    Keep it up.

    Note, you need to improve on your ketupat.

  21. Sam says:

    Hi Ed,

    Thank you for your comment, noted.

    We need to source for different ketupat supplier.

  22. soo sean says:

    Thanks for the recommendation.
    Will try out this stall! πŸ™‚

    soo sean´s last blog post..home-cooked-ecstasy

  23. Henry says:

    Hi Lingzie,

    Sharing with you my flying experience with Airbus A380 by Singapore Airline from Singapore to Paris.


    Henry´s last blog post..Airbus A380 jumbo plane

  24. SC says:

    Hi LingZie,
    Went Ah Basri yesterday during noon time, it wasn’t opened. According to owner, they only open at evening time as they don’t have enough people to run during lunch.

  25. meiyi says:

    so it opens every nite in the evening?
    i must try man..
    .-= meiyiΒ΄s last blog ..Color of the year: Purple =-.

  26. Starrynite says:

    wonder if this place will be open on 16th Feb for lunch, most restaurents are closed on the 3rd day of CNY and I’m looking for a place to organize gathering with my friends, the satays looked delicious in your photos
    .-= StarryniteΒ΄s last blog ..Bah Kut Teh Mo Sang Kor =-.

    • Lingzie says:

      Hi starrynite! do give En Ahmad Basri a call on the number stated in my post. he’s very friendly and would be able to advice you further.
      i do know that they are moving to D’Piazza Mall very very soon (should be sometime early january) so their opening hours might be different from the current set up (i would predict longer hours so you could prob have your gathering there! hehe)

  27. kopi says:

    I love the satay πŸ˜€
    By the way, they had moved to D’Piazza… more cozy environment and the set menu come with house drink….

    Ya… best satay so far in Pg πŸ™‚

  28. mohks says:

    Ah’Basri satay had relocated to new place called D’Piazza at jln mahsuri near PISA. coordinate on GPS is N5.32661 E100.28288

  29. Ahmad Basri says:

    Good day friends, we have relocated to D’Piazza Mall. Stone throw distance from Penang Indoor Stadium Arena (PISA). Our business hour is 11am – 11pm. We always welcome comments and suggestion. Please help us to improve. Thank you.

    Gong Xi Fatt Chai. Wishing you a Prosperous and Happy New Year. By the way Ah Basri Asian Satay is open daily during CNY. See you all.

    • FateNagisa says:

      hi Ahmad Basri ^_^ .. i wanna ask about ur satay shop that is near PISA … Opening hours for Friday?? Planing to go to ur shop after Friday Prayers next week .. Ostrich and Deer also available all year round ? plz reply as soon as posible .. can email me about the menu,meals and price ? my email =


      • Lingzie says:

        hi FateNagisa, I am not Ahmad Basri but the writer of this blog. If you look at the Ahmad Basri’s comment earlier, opening hours are 11am-11pm which also applies for Friday. Their new location is now at D’Piazza Mall (next to Mayang Mall, near Sunshine Square) You can order just the satay (depending on how many sticks of each type you want) or you can opt for their set meal – Nasi Lemak with 3 sticks satay, Nasi tomato with 3 sticks satay etc. Hope this helps. πŸ™‚

    • mrboom says:

      hello ahmad basri .. im from Brunei .. interested on the satay shop .. planing to go in 2 weeks since i got to do some work in Penang … are all the food Halal * especially deer/ostrich? and are you a fellow muslim ?

  30. MisteriBoy says:

    went to the shop in d’piazza .. tasted ori chicken satay, tomyam chicken satay,tandori chicken satay , and sotong .. ori tasted like normal satay nothing special … but i love the sotong & tomyam satay … hehe i see all the price is diffrent than the price on this website … this site mention nasi himpit = RM 1 .. but i see the menu there = RM 2 … and the set meal u mention that is RM 4.50 = at shop i see price si like RM 6++ and also the salad price also went up =x well not like im bragging about the price .. just saying my 2 cent .. i also want to see the old style of customer write thier own choice on order paper than give to the worker there … well anyway .. the shop is clean and cozy ..

    i think you should make a new review on the new location so that ppl dont terkejut with the new price ^_^v

    • Lingzie says:

      hi misteri boy! thanks for the price comparison. i’ve been to the new outlet but haven’t really done a price comparison. i did notice that the drinks are more expensive now. and as for the nasi himpit, the rm2 portion is double that of the old portion size. and if i’m not wrong the set meal now includes a drink (previously no drink)

      thanks for your suggestion on another review of the new place. looks like i should do one very soon! πŸ™‚

      • MisteriBoy says:

        i see .. hehe might do another visit to the shop next week to taste ostrich , beef and lamb satay and also wanna try thier wrap ^_^v … anyway the orange juice/ orange drink that included in thier set menu a bit too sweet .. but anyway very satisfied with the satay .. i really hope they put the order sheet on the table so the new costomers can sit down and think& decide the satay they want and give the shopkeeper there the order sheet … yesterday was the 1st time i had satay at thier shop .. and like what the heck … dont know what to order and need to see the menu behind the counter and feel like an idiot coz dont know/decide what to order … and thank god at that time no other coustomer was there …

        • Ahmad Basri says:

          Our survey result indicates that our client adjust themselves much faster than train high turnover staffs. Our aim is to have both clients and staffs happy end of the day. Have you tried our ‘sotong satay’ and ‘sugar free’ lamb? Look forward to hear from you.

  31. WTF says:

    i notice they offer wrap … are thier wrap = good ? are thier wrap is like kyros kebab style =x ?

  32. Ahmad Basri says:

    Yes you must try it. Most of our clients said good. Some even said very good. I think we are the first in Malaysia to have satay wrap. Let us know if you like it or not. Good day.

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