Heaven… at Genting Highlands

Not sure what to eat when you’re in Genting Highlands? Looking for a lil treat to indulge and spoil yourself?

Then you should definitely consider this…


And this….


We found ourselves in the simple yet stylish Bakery, hungry for a lil late night snack.



Uplifting bright green and orange chairs… (oh and the place has Wifi too)


We browsed through pastries…sweet and savoury…muffins, doughnuts, pies, puffs….

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    1. no need tapao one..you guys can always take a drive up there for a break. enjoy the nice weather and check out the desserts 🙂

    1. you know the funny thing is… my sweet tooth has slowly become less…sweet! but i still love my desserts 😛

    1. yeahm usually i head to first world as well. but M told me i had to check out the bakery as he’s been there before previously 🙂

    1. next time you’re in genting, be sure to check this place out! i’m sure you’ll love the desserts since we are both dessert queen!

    1. best thing abt the sandwich is you can choose your own dressings. and they have things like mustard, relish and olive oil! 🙂

  1. Was there last time but only had some coffee and tea. It is indeed a tough decision to make with all the yummy looking desserts!!!
    With someone special huh?? No intro on that? hehehe

  2. This Bakery you’re recommending is really nice.i can’t say it’s quiet,for we queue for some hot chocolate and bread.it was morning.we took some diamond shaped bread with blueberry jam on it.you know what, at first we thought it was too expensive for a simple bread,but after we tried it,i realized that all the breads we used to eat are nothing comparing to this simple one from The Bakery.we tried another one that uses green apple slice,and it also opens up my view for this great bakery.i hope this bakery can opens up in my country,in my town so that i won’t have to travel so far for the bread.

  3. Can you provide the telephone number for this Bakery so that I can reserve a cake for my daughter. Thank you!

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