Sa Rang Chae Korean Restaurant @ New Bob Centre, Penang


We also got to try some of their BBQ – Modeum BBQ Set 1 which is made up of beef rib meat, pork rib meat (marinated), pork belly, chicken, flower crab, prawns, squids and clams (RM150) This may seem rather hefty, but the whole set is more than enough for a group of 3-4persons. Plus there is a 20% discount on all BBQ items from now til December 31, 2009. 🙂


Our BBQ items going onto the grill…. The beef was deliciously tender and flavourful. And I loved the pork ribs too!


Try the BBQ meats with the sesame leaf. It’s got a unique strong taste which may not sit well with some, but I like it and urge you to give it a try! If you like the strong flavor of basil leaf, chances are you might like this sesame leaf too.


When we first laid eyes on the Jokbal – Glazed pig’s feet (RM70) we were worried. For it was such a huge platter of meat, we were wondering if we could finish it!


The Glazed Pig’s feet is indeed an intimidating dish. But these thinly sliced pieces of meat with soft chewy skin were delectable and makes for a great snack! We were told that Sa Rang Chae’s Korean customers would order a plate and savour it slowly over a few beers and good chatter. We had our doubts. But amazingly, as the dinner wound down and we sat catching up with each other, we managed to finish it!

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  1. There are a lot of Korean food popping up recently. It is similar when Japanese cuisine when it started to invade Penang and Malaysia. Many authentic restaurants then, but now too many localised flavors.

    This Korean outlet looks like the real thing, but have yet to try it although we have passed by so many time. Must give it a try one day.
    .-= Jason Wong´s last blog ..????????? =-.

  2. wah jimui, u tried a lot of different dishes 🙂 dinner at any Korean restaurant, desmond and myself could only order 2 dishes maximum, coz the kimchi would be free flow and that add up 9-10 different dishes already 🙂 thanks for recommending, will try it this week! 🙂 Kamsa Hamnida~

  3. Not returning to SaRang Chae Korean Restaurant! Portion too small, limit only 1 refill of side dishes. Not value for money!
    Try others, Korean Rest in town, much better value.
    Don’t expect any service coz there is none! Myanmar waiters cannot speak at all!

    1. To Sharon,
      I just came back from Korea, normally side dishes are not refill more than 1x. I heard some of korean who are staying in Penang who feedback to me that most of the local people (2 or more customers in a table) just would like to order 1 main dish, but keep on requesting to refill side dishes (because is free), which showing Penangite’s attitude toward international.

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