My Holistic Journey…

Armed with new found zest for a healthier slimmer me… this is my Holistic Journey…so far…

Day 1
Upon waking: 1 cup of warm water with a slice of lemon (as recommended in the book)
Breakfast: Rice Flakes with Rice Milk (both items bought from Cold Storage)
Lunch: Yataimura’s Teppan Chicken with veggie, 1 raw salmon sushi, 1 inari sushi & green tea

Feelings: mid morning near lunch – dizzy (effects of removal of toxins??)
4pm – hungry, eyeing biscuit tin, but resist….

Dinner: 2 muesli bars (too sweet and filled with wheat!!) Was rushing to Kulim for work and just grabbed whatever I could find in the kitchen….

Day 2
Upon waking: glass of water. Was running late. No time for lemon slice or breakfast
Brunch: Half a smoke chicken ham sandwich and chips. With a low fat ice chocolate from starbucks…. Everything didn’t taste as good. Sandwich was too salty. My favourite Ice choc didn’t taste as nice. Being on this diet is supposed to change your palate, so that you don’t crave the foods you used to like. Has my palate changed so suddenly or am I just feeling guilty that I’m eating ‘forbidden’ foods?
Dinner: Reclaim myself by having a banana & yoghurt with a drizzle of honey

Conclusion: This holistic detox diet thingy needs a lot more effort than I thought. My meals will need to be pre-planned and looks like I’ll have to prepare my own meals to bring to work until I figure out places that serve ‘healthy’ foods that I can eat on this detox. Food has always been a big part of my life but its also one that’s always easily overlooked. Most times we don’t spend any time at all thinking about what we’re feeding our bodies with. And we get so used to just eating whatever is convenient or available, which most often than not, are not too healthy for us. Looks like I need a do-over!!

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