Expectations vs Disappointment

Another non food topic again today.

Am rather disappointed today, feeling rather let down and neglected by a friend, who had earlier promised to do something for me. But now it seems like he can’t fulfill that promise.

I suppose its only natural to feel some disappointment because expectations were there. And its natural to have some expectations of your friends and your family right? And yet, I wonder if I should feel disappointed? Maybe I’m expecting too much, and maybe I should be more understanding of his situation.

But still… it just makes me feel that he doesn’t really value me very much. And that’s not a nice feeling to have.

So back to my question… am I expecting too much? Or should I be more understanding and just brush this aside?

I understand that when there are no expectations there are no disappointments. But how on earth do you be friends, put your emotions into your relationships and yet expect nothing in return?


  1. Being females, we tend to be more emotional and sensitive than males. Sometimes the guy doesn’t even know that he has hurt our feelings. Perhaps when we set our expectation, we should let the other person know? This is what Dr John Gray (Mars & Venus) adviced. Cause, the other person can’t read our mind, particularly guys. They must have leave their antenna in their mothers’ wombs.

  2. Don’t worry, it’s natural for you to feel that way. I have that feeling most of the time. And I’m still learning how to brush things aside when it happen. Gambate yo.

  3. have to agree with elsie… females tend to be more emotional, to which guys should understand… but guys will usually not understand. it’s rather ironnic but yeah… we are made that way… unfortunately.

    have a hope… but not expectations. the difference… i shall leave it to u.

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