My (Potentially Humiliating) Pledge for 7/7/07

Today’s a very special day with a very special date. Lots of people all over the world are getting married (I got THREE wedding invites for tonite) and over here on the blogosphere, 5Xmom is launching her new website with a ‘blog warming party’ where everyone is invited to drop a post and she’ll donate RM10 to a charitable cause for each post (up to a max of RM300).

So…since today is special and since its for a charitable cause… I itchy backside and went over to post…and something came over me….causing me to make this crazy pledge on her site.

Basically, I’ve pledge to post up a pic of me in my belly dance costume here in this blog on August 17 2007. (Don’t get any funny ideas ok? Belly dance is FEMININE, not sexy! so says my instructor…)
Reason for this crazy pledge is cos I’ve got a belly dance performance on that day…and if I want to fit into my costume and look great (ok, i’ll settle for looking decent) in it and not suffer maximum public humiliation (now that I’ve made this pledge)…I’ve got to get off my ass and start gymming more seriously and eating properly!

This is like… the best way of making an open declaration of my goal man!! Cos now, instead of just me holding myself accountable for my goal, I’ve got to the whole entire blogosphere (assuming I actually have that many readers la ya!) holding me accountable for my goal!!!
*realizes the severity of my actions, grabs a calendar and counts 42 days til D-Day, slaps forehead and faints*

And oh, before I faint again…this is what I look like now…


*wakes up from fainting* Oh yes…I truly am sorry that there haven’t been much food related updates recently..will be back really soon with some yummylicious food reviews Ok?

*ok…can finally faint now…properly! FAINT!!*


  1. Wow, is this a great motivation to lose weight or what?! Maybe I should do it too … hmmm … *thinking thinking* :p

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