Good Clean Fun & An Act of Kindness

I spent the weekend in KL with one of my best friends and her friend who was visiting from the US. It was meant to be a chill out pampering weekend – an overnight stay at a hotel, leisurely breakfast and just enjoying the sights and sounds of the heart of the city.

And to my delight, the weekend definitely lived up to our plans! Mainly because of 2 separate incidents. We had planned to go to Rum Jungle on Saturday night, because a friend had told me that they have a mean drummer who plays a great set. As we walked towards Rum Jungle, we were exchange horror stories of the recent car hijacking events, snatch thefts and what not. And being just 3 girls walking along the street, we were extra cautious.

Upon arrival at Rum Jungle, we grabbed our drinks and took a seat. Next thing we knew, a couple of Aussie backpackers had approached us to talk. We still had our guards up, because really you can’t be too careful these days….but they seemed friendly enough and managed to pull me to the dance floor, leaving my 2 friends behind to chat with the rest.

On the dance floor, there were just lots of people, friendly people, who genuinely seemed like they were just enjoying the dancing. At first I was still on the apprehensive but soon, I realized that these people just wanted to dance, which was definitely fine by me and so we danced! A group of Africans were even trying to teach me some of their traditional dance steps! And we danced the night away – no drugs, no alcohol (well, not too much anyways…) and definitely no sex. Just dancing! And just the way I like it! Good clean fun!

The next day, we were recipients of a really random act of kindness. A lady from Port Dickson offered the 3 of us a ride to KLCC because it was raining!! We were in the same lift, and because it was pouring outside I had suggested we take a taxi to KLCC and she overheard us, and just out of the blue told us she was headed there and would we like a ride?
We were stunned for a bit, our guards up immediately, and we were considering if it was safe. I even asked my friend quietly if she thought the lady would ‘take us to go and sell’. In the end we accepted the ride and 10mins later arrived safely in KLCC!

We did so many random things that weekend – talking to total strangers and letting them pull us to the dance floor, accepting rides from a stranger… and yet when you come to think of it, these are simple things. Simple things made complicated because the horrors of society today has made us so cautious and fearful.

A risk was taken with that act – the lady risked her safety to give us a ride, and we took a risk trusting her to bring us safely to our destination. I am not in anyway saying that we should trust everyone we meet. But wouldn’t it be nice, to live in a world where you don’t have to second guess a person’s intentions? Where you don’t have to be wary of everyone you meet. Where you don’t have to be so suspicious all the time and wonder if the shady looking guy walking next to you means you any harm.

It truly is sad how society has changed us, forced us to put up walls around ourselves, made us so fearful, hostile and violent, and taken out of us the ability and the intention to be kind to our fellow man.
Is this what lies ahead for our future generations? A world of fear and mistrust?


  1. wow… that’s quite a big risk you took there. but yeah… it’s good to know that there’s much good hearts out there. you’re fortunate enough to be at the receiving end of it.

  2. It really is so sad, isn’t it? That the world’s become so jaded, so cynical, so screwed up, that a random act of kindness was almost perceived as “taking you girls to sell”.

  3. zewt – yup. it was definitely a big risk, even though it was a lady. sad to say though, if it was a guy who offered, we definitely would have said no!

    tine – yea. it was sad that the first thing that popped into our heads was suspicion. and sadder still, i probably would never have agreed if i was alone.

    elsie – thanks girl!

  4. duh… girls are lucky….2 weeks ago some really ‘smart’ girls lost everything…valuables that is….in a club.

  5. borg – yeah we were lucky. i’ve lost my stuff in a club in pg before too. i guess i was surprised to have such a good time at rum jungle!

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