Support and Sponsor the Brave Bloggers of Blogathon 2007!

Blogathon 2007 has kicked off at 9pm today. There’s a long long list of bloggers who have picked the charities of their choice and will stay up 24 hours to blog, a new post every 30minutes. A most brave and noble thing to do, because staying up to blog for 24hours is no joke. And having to put a new post every 30minutes is even harder!

I’ve pledged to sponsor Pelf who’s picked the Eden Handicap Service Center and Kelwin who’s for MAKNA. But there are other Malaysian bloggers taking part in this as well. So do go over and give them moral support and help keep them awake! It’s still not too late to pledge (you have til Sunday 9pm).

For those brave souls taking part in Blogathon 2007 – I salute you!


  1. Thanks for helping us spread the message. It was a tough journey but surviving it feels great. Thanks for your pledge 🙂

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