Fulfilling A Pledge

OK….it is with the heaviest heart that I’m writing this post. But a pledge is a pledge and I must keep my promise, no matter how humiliating it may be!

A while back (on 7/7/07 to be exact) I thought it’d be fun to pledge something fun and just do something lar just for the heck of that special date….now, I’m wondering what the heck was I thinking??????!!!

So….just to get it over and done with…here’s fulfilling my pledge…. (grits teeth and posts the pic up anyway…and quickly cross my fingers and hope for the best!!!!!!!)


And after that I had to go hunting for eye make up remover to remove that really thick eyeliner (cheesy grin, panda eyes and all)!!  *faints*

Dance dance

NO MORE silly pledges EVER again!


  1. hi pelf! thanks for being so kind! 🙂 had a dance performance earlier tonite which explains the dressy (shiny!) costume…we usually wear something more simple for class. 🙂

  2. pweeettyyy…

    i dont see much arabic wearing those…

    only ninja kind of costume… =P

    nice…looks nice on you…

    you really do look cute..i wonder will you be much more cuter in person…haha =P


  3. But woman…….you looked so…………………
    pretty and cute. Really!
    I almost can’t recognise you.

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