Short update

This will be a very ultra short entry. Have been in KL since sunday, with limited internet access (ok, more like too busy going out and painting the town red after work… hehe) Will be in KL til this sunday… so will be back real soon with lots of foodie updates from KL. Staytuned….


  1. oh yeah…i had the time of my life man…stuck in that horrid jam…i left pg at 11am, stopped over at ipoh at 2pm for lunch, left ipoh at 3pm…and only arrived in my hotel in KL at….9pm!!!!!!!! yupz. really enjoyed it.

  2. keeyit, cbenc12 and nathaniel c – hey guys, thanks for dropping by… i know i’m sooo long overdue for an update. have been buried in work since i came back from KL (and have also been busy facebooking…its seriously addictive!). and i’m going down to KL again this weekend! hopefully will have some time to update tonite! 🙂

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