Nothing to do this weekend?

Hi guys and girls….nothing to do this weekend?

Come for Let’s Dance Let’s PARTY! Organized by Joo Nee of Let’s Dance.

I’ll definitely be going along with my other fellow belly dancer friends… feeling quite excited about it cos I’ve never gone for a dance party. A dance party without the booze and without the secondhand smoke…should be pretty interesting…. just plain dancing fun!

Best of all, I’m looking forward to learning all the other types of dances… spied this way cool Hip Hop routine the other day by another instructor and I can’t wait to learn the moves this Saturday!

And oh yes… while you’re visiting Joo Nee’s Blog, do take a peek at this entry.

(another dance performance which was really fun!) 🙂

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  1. yes, dance is great. i, myself, been busy taking it up in SG too. check out or if you like solo dance, belly dance, bollywood dance, hip hop, jazz and exotic are great options. if you dont mind partner-up, salsa, bachatta, mumba, latin are excellent.

    i’m bad at salsa though..hehe…i’d rather do hip hop. How’s ur belly dance experience? so curious to see you dance. hehehhe

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