Mizi Bistro @ New World Park Penang

One of the best things at New World Park so far is this small, fuss free but cosy little bistro… Mizi Bistro.

Went there recently for set lunch…and I must say, I only have praises for this place!

At RM16.90 for a set lunch, you really get value for your money!

First of all, you get to pick any soup from their regular menu, so my brother had mushroom soup while I ordered their Organic Green Pea soup.
Mizi Mushroom soup

Their Mushroom soup is definitely a must try! Best mushroom soup I’ve tried in a long long time. Not the normal out of the can variety, Mizi’s mushroom soup is very tasty with lots and lots of mushrooms, creamy and thick!

The Organic Green Pea soup was enjoyable too (unfortunately no pics cos I accidentally deleted it!). It was a thick creamy soup of green pea puree.

Garlic bread was also served with the soups.

Mizi garlic bread

For the mains, we could choose from most of their regular menu except for the seafood selection, I think.

I had the fish – cooked with creamy mushroom sauce. The fish was enjoyable and the portion was big!

Mizi Fish

My brother meanwhile ordered the Chicken ‘Ballatine’ – fried chicken stuffed with cheese and crabsticks and served with orange sauce. I didn’t quite like this, mainly because it is fried and I’m not a big fan of crabsticks!

Mizi Chic

Finally for dessert, its ice cream and fruits served buffet style. And I must say that the people at Mizi are most generous! Instead of the usual 2 or 3 ice cream flavours, here at Mizi you are spoilt for choice! There’s at least 5-6 different flavours to choose from. And, what’s more, there are bottles and bottles of drizzles for you to choose – Hershey’s chocolate drizzle, strawberry drizzle, white chocolate drizzle, caramel drizzle. And toppings! Lots of toppings to choose from – chocolate rice, almond flakes, nuts etc….

Mizi ice cream

I had so much fun experimenting with all the drizzles and toppings…and to my delight they had my favourite strawberry ripple ice cream. But seriously, after the soup, garlic bread and the huge main dish…I had quite a tough time tucking into that yummy ice cream!

Mizi ice cream2

When I was there, the place was packed, which was quite impressive for a weekday.

I will definitely be visiting Mizi Bistro again to try out their other mains. They have quite an extensive menu with lots of variety. And oh, did I mention that you get all this for RM16.90 set lunch, including drinks (your choice of Ice Lemon Tea, juices etc) !

The next time, I plan to go for dinner to see what they have to offer.


  1. oh my god!!! Great food aaa! Pleasee take me there when I come Penang ok? hahaha!!! Visit you is one thing, eat all the great food is another BIG thing too!

  2. sweet jasmine – i love strawberry ice cream too! hope your cough is better now…

    kitman – i will definitely welcome you to pg with open arms! and bring you to eat until you drop! 😛

    corsaro – yes, confirm its Rm16.90… 🙂 value for money right?

    new kid on the blog – heehee…lemme know what you think of the place after you’ve tried it!

  3. I felt really pissed off with the service provided by the shop owner. I went to the shop this morning with some friends. We didn’t make any reservation. When we reached there (at around 11:30 am), the shop owner said they were fully booked. So, naturally we asked them what time are those customers coming. The shop owner said 1:00pm. So, we asked him if we can take the table and we can get things done before 1 pm. He was so reluctant and giving all sort of excuses and also calling up the customer. We’re like 1 1/2 hours apart for God sake. And he offered us to sit outside. We rejected. In the end, he stated we can have that table after wasting like 15 minutes with his stupid concerns. And when we’re seated at the tables, he kept banging into us saying that “You have to go before 1pm”. We told him that he has to make sure they are able to serve the food fast. He just said we have to finish before 1pm regardless of their speed. WHAT THE HECK ??? In the end, we decided not to eat there. It’s the first time we’re there and definitely we’re NOT GOING BACK !! NO THANKS for that LOUSY CUSTOMER SERVICE !!!

  4. Why oh why did they resort to increasing the price from RM16.90 to RM19.90 for their set menu? Maybe they know that they are so high in demand – always crowded and reservation is needed during lunch and dinner time. An issue of demand versus supply? Whatever the reason… it won’t come across well, especially for regulars or regulars-wannabes like me. And this is how they return the favour? Maybe we should suggest to them to bring their prices back down to the original RM16.90 rate. That is why they became so famous in the first place… cheap and good!

  5. Mizi’s still very packed most times. Generally too crowded for my liking, so I go another cozy little place around the corner. It’s like a well-kept secret, this place. Quiet, unassuming, so you don’t jostle with crowds, and the service is always attentive. It’s called Lynn Boutique Cafe or something like that. It’s on Burma Rd, just a few doors before Giant Supermarket. Chanced upon it by accident, and I’ve been back many times now. I love the Nasi Kebuli: tumeric rice with tangy chicken, pickles, fruit chutneys. Another speciality is the Roast Pork. Traditional-style, with apple sauce, potatoes, cauliflower, carrots, the works… Good food. Same sort of prices you’d pay at Mizi so it’s a good alternative.

  6. We re-visit Mizi after the first time when Mizi first open. That time they had nice service and nice environment. Therefore, we highly recommend to have our so call ‘company annual dinner’ there.

    But end up.. the food was VERY dissapointing . the teriyaki came not cooked well the chicken thighs came with white thick oily skin.. it is like simply cook and then add some source on it .. and the London mixed grilled which ordered by my husband was even terrible.. it came only 25% cooked.. which we din’t asked for .. and the bad thing is the BAD SERVICE OF THE WAITER AND WAITRESS we have to really rushed out from our dinner .. the main course came even before we manage to finish the soup .. seems like asking faster drink it and eat the dinner and GO!! … one more thing is that the waiter and waitress even start pushing us to make order even before we manage to glance through the menu … and gave us a bad look. 🙁 when we said please give us a minute. there are over 30 items on the menu, we aren’t any speed reader .. how we could make any order if we don’t know what is on the menu? Then we had to quickily make a move once we finished the ice cream … everyone is eyeing on our table.. make us ‘shy’ to still sit there. so 4 of us actually .. being rushed to order .. being rush to eat.. and being rush to get off !!

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  8. I had the worst pumpkin soup and pesto at Mizi’s Bistro at Tanjung Pinang. Pesto was overcooked, too oily and too much garlic. Pumpkin soup tasted like it had Knorr’s chicken cube in it. When I told the staff, the response was “i am sorry” that’s it. Another one said “this is not the only outlet, we have other outets in…” Huh? Food is so bad, why would I care how many outlets you have?
    .-= CH´s last blog ..Best Value Barbecue Pork Ribs at Food Gallery Times Square Penang – Double the Taste but Half the Price of Chicago Grill Rib House! =-.

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