Mille Crepe Cake – A Mouth Orgasm?!

First, apologies for not posting up photos of my carrot cupcakes yet… They turned out pretty ok and got heaped with praises! 🙂 Unfortunately, being the blur sotong that I am sometimes, I accidentally left my camera at my mom’s place and so have not been able to upload photos…

To make up for that, I’m gonna blog about…. Mille Crepe Cake by the Crepe Girl! (wow, that was quite a mouthful to say!)

I chanced upon this cute looking cake at the Little Penang Street Market on Sunday. I love visiting this weekend market along Upper Penang Road (only on the last Sunday of every month) because they always have the cutest things – trinklets, clothes, antiques, books… and most of all…food! Also, they have very interesting performances during the afternoons…

Ok, back to the crepe cake… I was attracted to it because of

a) the cute bright logo and cartoon girl

b) the claim that it was the 1st multi-tiered dessert in Penang, and

c) the claim that a mouth orgasm can be found inside this bag (with the cake inside la of course!)

The Crepe Girl

photo taken from The Crepe Girl

There were 4 flavours to choose from – vanilla, chocolate, green tea and strawberry. All retailing at RM4.50 a slice. So I bought a slice of vanilla crepe cake.

When I got home about an hour later, I tried the cake. Mouth orgasm? Somewhat I must say. It was kinda like layer cake – layers and layers of soft crepes with yummy cream in between. It was a bit too mushy though, maybe because it had been left out at room temperatures for so long. I noticed that they didn’t keep it refrigerated when it was being sold at the market as well (though they do recommend keeping it refrigerated on their website). Probably would have tasted better if I had left it in the fridge for a while before eating it.

All in all, a unique yummy dessert especially for those who like cream. A full crepe cake can also be ordered via their website for RM40 each. I am looking forward to trying the green tea flavoured crepe cake! 🙂


  1. oh my,,,,,cross section shots please,,,,,proclaiming orgasmic tasting food is too anti-climatic without cross section shots lol! kinda cruel….

  2. Hi Lingzie,

    Thanks for dropping by and having purchased the Mille Crepe Cake…glad you enjoyed it 😀

    Deeply appreciate your nice comments 😀

    Have a great day ahead!

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