Shanghai Ding House of Dumpling @ New World Park, Penang

This is the second outlet of Shanghai Ding House of Dumpling. The first being the one at Bayan Bay next to Queensbay Mall. I have not had the chance to try the outlet there, but when it opened at New World Park, I managed to go on their 5th day of business.

Once again I didn’t have my camera with me. I am in desperate need of either a new camera battery or a new camera!! (any good recommendations for a point and shoot camera?) So apologies once again for photos captured using my camera phone…

Shanghai Ding

The outlet here is smaller compared to the one in Bayan Bay but what I like about it is that they have an enclosed area/room as their smoking section.

We went for lunch and there were about 4 other tables. Their menu is quite a simple one consisting mainly of dumplings and ‘la mien’ as well as some light snacks.

We ordered their Shanghai Meat Dumpling or ‘Xiu Long Bao’ (RM6.80 for 4 pcs). I must say that I prefer the ‘xiu long bao’ in Dragon-i. The ones here are not bad but somehow are not so flavorful and the meat is somewhat too mushy for my liking.

Shanghai Ding Xiu Long Bao

We also tried their Szechuan Vegetable & Pork La Mien (RM4.80) which I enjoyed. The portions here are not too big, just nice for me.

Szechuan Veg & Pork La Mien

We also had the Mince Pork Ramen (RM4.80) which I thought was ok but not as tasty as the Szechuan one. They also have a few soup la miens with homemade fish balls which we have yet to try.

Mince Pork Ramen

The waitress recommended the creamy salted bun (RM3.80) which she said was their popular dish. It was pau with a creamy buttery and slight salty filling. I thoroughly enjoyed the filling but thought that the bun was a bit too sticky and chewy.

Creamy Salted Bun

All in all this place is not bad, with relatively cheap prices and fast service. Oh, I do have to point out that we thought the drinks, Fresh Lemon Honey (RM3.80 each) were way too diluted.

Fresh Lemon Honey

That being said, I wouldn’t mind dropping by again for a quick meal sometime soon as I heard that their steam carrot dumplings are also good.


  1. ohhh, how do you find these adorable places?

    ahhh, you do need a new cam or are your out of focus pictures deliberate….. 😛 call Canon for sponsorship :))

  2. corsaro – i am seriously in need of a camera aren’t i? my camera phone doesnt work too well indoors and at night.

    lovie – hi there! welcome! thanks for the compliments!

    coketai – hi! long time no see! 🙂 there are still a few outlets i haven’t covered new world park (but i’ll skip the usual chain stores like old town, manhattan fish market and 600cc) and some haven’t opened…more to come soon…!

  3. New world is definitely a hip new place in Penang as I found out during my recent visit as well:D

    I didn’t see this restaurant; maybe I missed it:p Anyway, I am not an ardent meat-eater so it’s ok:D But too bad about the diluted Fresh Lemon Honey!!:(

  4. durianberry – thank you! new world park is fairly near my office so i do pop over for lunch sometimes! 🙂

    christy – this place is next to manhattan fish market. thanks for dropping by!

  5. Hi Lingzie,

    Thanks for your comment on my blog and your review of Shanghai Ding. I will let my sponsor know about your feedback! I am sure they will continue to improve their food and service.

    According to Shanghai Ding, since they just opened this place, so they are offering only limited menu, but when it’s fully in operation, you should try out the mango cheese, dongbo rou (if you like pork), the heart-shaped QQ fried rice (must go with your loved one lah!), pockey mouse, fried radish cake with seafood, etc.


  6. cindy – hi! thanks for dropping by! 🙂

    rasa malaysia – oh i definitely cant wait to try the other dishes. the heart shaped fried rice sounds adorable! i do understand that this outlet is new thus the limited offerings. looking forward to more yummy stuff from them as i’ve seen your photos of the other dishes! 🙂

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