Mizi Bistro (Again!) @ New World Park, Penang

Ever since Mizi Bistro opened its doors, I’ve eaten there about 5 times! One of THE places to go at the moment due to its value for money offerings and of course good tasting food. They also have an extensive menu and 5 times is definitely not enough to sample everything!

Here are what I’ve tried so far from all my subsequent visits….. I will be focusing mainly on the main course, as the set lunch is still the same as mentioned in my previous post (RM16.90 for a drink, soup, main meal and dessert)

Mizi Chicken Chop

Chicken chop with mushroom sauce. I would have preferred it grilled but this fried version is not bad. And they are very generous with the mushroom cream sauce.

Mizi Club Sandwich

The Mizi Club Sandwich. You can order this as the main meal of the set lunch. Very interesting way of presentation and what I liked best about it is the chunks of pineapple in the sandwich. Definitely gave it a juicy refreshing twist.

Mizi spaghetti

Spaghetti aglio olio. As usual their servings were huge. Yummy spaghetti cooked just right infused with olive oil and herbs. Not bad at all.

Mizi tenderloin steak

Tenderloin steak. Chunky, juicy and tender! This is not part of the RM16.90 set. But you can order this and for an additional RM6 you can make it a set (with the soup, drinks and dessert). If I’m not mistaken, the steak is about RM28.

Mizi Signature Salad

On one of my visits, I was feeling rather full, so I ordered the Mizi Signature Salad (about RM12). When it arrived, I was stunned to see such a big bowl! Lots of yummy roasted chicken strips on a bed of veggies tossed in a delicious tangy sauce! I love this! And that means a lot, coming from a non salad person!

Mizi Norwegian Seared Salmon

Norwegian Seared Salmon (RM28). Doesn’t look like salmon? That’s cos the salmon is wrapped in puff pastry! Interesting dish which looks as good as it tastes. And I must mention that this serving is big! Also not part of the RM16.90 set, but you can add RM6 to convert it into a set.

Mizi Salmon

Another look at the salmon once you cut through the pastry. The photos from here on are courtesy of Yap and Kelly who had their D70 handy while my camera died on me again. (desperately need a new one!)

Mizi Surf N Turf

The Surf N Turf (RM23). A gastronomic combination of prawns and chicken. I had a small bite of the chicken and decided that this is the dish I’m having the next time I visit!

Mizi Fish

Kelly ordered this fish which is part of the RM16.90 set and she only had praises for it. Though she thought that my salmon was better. 🙂

Mizi Cannoli

Cannoli pasta – My friend’s favourite dish. If I’m not wrong cannoli is an Italian dessert, the word meaning little tube. So I suppose this is the savory version. The pasta is rolled into tubes and is stuffed with chicken and veggies and lots of cheese. I sampled a bite and wow…if you’re a cheese lover, then this dish is a must try!

Whew! That’s about it! 🙂 Their sets are applicable for lunch and dinner. And the place is usually packed on weekends especially in the evenings. For reservations, you can call 04-2272921.


  1. bwahahaha……..Penang so far away…..no fair…..everything looks so yummylicious….sigh…quitting my oatmeal diet!

  2. nkotb – you should give them a try soon. 🙂

    corsaro – KL also got lots of yummy stuff mah..

    adrian – heehee of course i didn’t order that all on my own! its a combination of a few visits with friends & family. and can you believe that they’ve got more varieties that i have yet to try out?! really extensive menu they have!

  3. Hi everyone,

    We travel to Penang regularly in search of the most delicious food in Penang. We went to Penang this year in June 2007. We are thinking of renting a car in Penang during our next makan trip in 2008. Can you recommend a cheap, good and reliable car rental company in Penang? Thanks a lot.

  4. Mizi Bistro….

    the service that provided in the restaurant is totally out of the standard.

    the staff service attitude is so BULLSHIT…….

  5. Danny & Ronald – I am appalled, sad and disappointed indeed to hear about how you were treated on your visits to this place. I must say that it is a total waste if a restaurant doesn’t maintain their level of service. The food here is good. But the service seems to be inconsistent. I myself went again recently and had to wait very long for the food. Hopefully they will buck up, otherwise they may start losing customers.

  6. nothing to shout about with the food in Mizzi because their service attitude is BAD BAD BAD!!! This is the worst i’ve seen. Probably they receive so many positve feedback aon the food, so they are in cloud nine. Don’t the owner realise that service is very important too?

    I called up and check what time they are open, the lady told me 11:30am. When i reached there, the board outside indicate 11:am til 10pm! WHAT??!!!

    Not that these isn’t any other place to have good meal, Salsa at Hotel Malaysia is a good place though. Good service, good environment, but of course the price is a bit higher, but with good service, why not?

    Hope there will be less and less unfortunate people walking into Mizzi and get a big bang by the waiters and waitresses!

  7. We (2 adults, 1 toddler + toddler ‘ka chang’) went there some time during Christmas, and the service was REALLY BAD. A fat guy (I’m guessing he’s one of the owners? or at least a manager insisted to fit us all at a 2-seater spot in the middle of the restaurant where there are lots of action going on (waiters serving, people passing) even though there are 3 or 4 empty tables available. Later a group of 3 adults with no baggage came in and were directed to an empty table that can fit 6 people comfortably. Most of the items we wanted to order were finished, although we went during lunch (it opens the whole day isn’t it?), and we had soup with cold bread (prob Gardenia or High 5). My dish was the worst I’ve ever tasted – some chicken with linguini at the base, and the sause was like bad wan tan mee sauce. I don’t remember the other dish, mainly because I was filled with disgust over such bad food and service, no matter how cheap you want to call it.

  8. wow, this is the place i suggested my dad for mother’s day dinner and she was impressed with the food and the price.. i never know someone will be posting about it on the blog.. i can say this is one of my next stops for dinner or lunch. If i’m not mistaken, Eric Cheah is the owner of the restaurant and the chef is from one of the five star resort in penang, rasa sayang… The place seems to be very pack during peak time, making reservation is always a good choice if you wish to have lunch or dinner there. cheers..

  9. by the way, the last time i came to the restaurant, the service has improved a lot.. they address us formally with names and politeness.. i don’t think the services there is as bad as what the commenters said..

  10. Hi Eric,

    I’m going to plan a gathering about 20pax at Penang sometime Nov, mizzi is one of them in the list, i see there are a lot of bad feedback from the blog and i received feedback saying that the taste are no consistant as well, sometime too salty, sometime not as good taste as it should be.
    hopefully you can convince me about the food quality.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Ramond,

      Salsa restaurant in Continental Hotel is good. Good Service and food quality. i have organized a few gatherings there and all were good..price reasonable. Most of my guest love the food.

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