Gelatissimo (Very Yummy!) @ The Gardens, Mid Valley

I go down to KL so often now that this is slowly becoming a Penang AND KL food blog! I suppose the food blogger in me never rests….

During one of my trips, I had very good gelato at Gelatissimo located on the lower ground floor of The Gardens, Mid Valley. I’m told that there is another outlet in Berjaya Times Square that opened earlier, but I don’t go there often and therefore have not tried Gelatissimo until now.


This has officially become my favourite gelato of all time!Definitely beats Lecka-Lecka hands down, in my opinion…

I sampled quite a few flavours and had such a difficult time picking just one flavour…. everything that I tried just tasted soooo good!

Gelato gelato

I was just exclaiming ‘this is good! this is good!’ at every single flavour I tried!

More gelato!

Not wanting to hold up the queue, I finally decided on the Mango Passion Fruit flavour. First time I chose a fruit based flavour over a cream one, I must say! But the mango passion fruit won me over instantly. It had the creamy sweetness of mango, nicely balanced by the sour-y passion fruit! A definite winner, this!

Mango Passion Fruit gelato

That is one small scoop (around RM8). They weigh the gelato to make sure that every ‘scoop’ they serve to you is the same. A bit on the pricey side as this would make Gelatissimo in the similar price range as Haagen Dazs. But for gelato this wonderful, it’s worth it!


  1. I have it when the trip to KL recently too. The gelatissimo is really yummy….I like all the sorbet they have, it is fat free…..hi hi can eat without guilt. Next time mayb u can try the rum n raisin and chocolate, it is really nice!

  2. celine – that’s right! so many choices…but only one decision! heehee…must go there again.

    miracle – thanks for the recommendation! will try those flavours next time!

    cbenc12 – 🙂 no worries…got more KL reviews coming up!

    corsaro – go try go try!

  3. try gelatissimo in one utama~
    there’s a promo till end of july 09
    2nd small cup only for Rm3!
    which means saving rm5.90~!

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