Penang has Missy Donut!

Yup, the donut craze has finally hit Penang! We don’t have J.Co donuts. Neither do we have Big Apple Donuts. But….we have…. Missy Donut!

Grand opening of Missy Donut today at Gurney Plaza, Penang…

Missy Donut

I happened to be at Gurney Plaza today for lunch and saw that they were open. Unfortunately, they were only selling the donuts to the public after their opening ceremony, after 3pm. So they told me I could come back then. Little did I know that they were actually GIVING AWAY FREE donuts during their opening ceremony!

Since I missed out on the free donuts, I went back in the evening.

Missy Donut menu

They didn’t have that many varieties available, probably because they gave most of them away earlier… But I still bought half a dozen of assorted donuts for RM11 (slightly more expensive than Big Apple’s) And came back with this….

Missy Donut2

I was licking my lips in anticipation cos they looked so good….! I had bought 2 of the Glaze, the Almond Lover, Green Tea, Peanut Butter and Blueberry Chocolate.

Missy Donut3

The verdict?

Not bad. Not as good as J.Co or Big Apple. But better than Dunkin’ Donuts.

The donuts here at Missy Donut are rather light in texture and slightly crispy on the edges. I tried the glaze, green tea and blueberry chocolate. I liked the glaze. The green tea however was rather disappointing as I didn’t taste much of the green tea at all. I thought the blueberry chocolate looked the prettiest out of the lot of donuts that I bought. I liked the white chocolate glaze but didn’t think much of the blueberry.

Missy Donut4

My brother tried the rest and didn’t think much of them. I think his taste buds have probably been spoiled by the likes of J.Co and Big Apple! 🙂 I would be up for trying the other flavors that were not available today, but maybe not too soon. Donut overload oredi! 😛


  1. I suakoo never heard or ate the other two donuts you mentioned. Only Dunkin’ Donuts. So must wait till have chance to go to KL to try that. Or you tapau for me. LOL.

  2. lilian – i definitely wouldn’t mind tapau-ing those donuts for you the next time i go to KL! 🙂

    christine – its donut season AND cupcake season nowadays! heehee…

    corsaro – 😛 you got JCo and Big Apple oredi…

  3. Haha….really looks very sweet! Though I am no fan of doughnuts, I still admit it is one of the popular favourites among everyone…and your box contains such a nice variety:D

    And I agree with Christine, it’s doughnuts, cupcakes season:D Because Christmas is coming!!:)

  4. The donuts really look nice. I everyday pass by but didn’t go buy and try yet. Tomorrow, will buy a 6 donuts box to celebrate my brother coming back from Singapore. =)

  5. nkotb – the donuts are very sweet, may be too sweet for some palates.

    jackson – you guys have J Co and Big apple…so no need to courier missy donut to you oredi! 😛

    christy – they’ve got more varieties on the menu but no much on sale that day…somehow i’ve had enough of donuts and the craving is not there anymore!

    nicholas – wow you go to gurney plaza a lot? what’s your verdict on the donuts? nice? 🙂

  6. should try it out when I was Gurney Plaza yesterday. .. Donut is one of my favorites besides Portuguese egg tart. U know where to find great egg tart?

  7. JCo donuts are the best…they are simply out of this world!!!I was never a big fan of donuts coz the donuts i know are the ones sold by the roadside stalls..all dense and heavy and oily…bleuk!! I’m from Kuching, Sarawak, and Sarawakians have yet to try proper donuts…sigh…To cut the long story short, I was in Pavillion KL a few weeks ago and had the privilege to buy some of the sinfully yummilicious treat, after much persuasion from a Jco donut crazed friend…and guess wat…i’ve been converted to a donut fan!! So light and fluffy…omg!omg! I couldn’t stop at one and i wolfed down three!!!The Glazy is the best, meltingly light, buttery and fluffy with a just nice hint of honey sweetness…for chocoholics, you should try the Coco Locco…i did..and i thought i died and went to chocolate heaven. LOL.

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