3 in 1 Tag

Got tagged by New Kid on the Blog. Haven’t done a tag in a while, so let’s get right to it… 3 in 1 Tag: 1. A movie that made you laugh. Most recently, Alvin and the Chipmunks! They are soooooo adorable! “oo ee oo ah ah, ting tang wala wala bing bang!” 🙂 2.… Continue reading 3 in 1 Tag

Christmas Eve Dinner @ 68 Kelawei

Merry Christmas!! I’m back after being in total holiday mood the whole of last week…(read: too lazy to update my blog!) My family and I had Christmas eve dinner at 68 Kelawei. They have recently changed its theme to serving Italian food. Previously, they were serving Brazilian cuisine in the form of Brazilian barbeque/carvery. Currently,… Continue reading Christmas Eve Dinner @ 68 Kelawei

The Golden Triangle @ Autocity, Juru

It was a very hot Sunday when we found ourselves at Autocity, Juru Penang looking for something to appease our rumbling tummies. I suggested Golden Triangle, having heard from a friend that the food was good. The rest hastily agreed, not wanting to waste another minute under the glaring hot sun. We walked in, our… Continue reading The Golden Triangle @ Autocity, Juru

Sri Weld Food Court @ Beach Street

One of my favourite places to go to for Nasi Lemak (the cheap wrapped in banana leaf type) is Sri Weld Food Court along the busy Beach Street. The Nasi Lemak Ali there is located right at the front of the hawker centre and what makes it so excellent is the fiery hot sambal! Every… Continue reading Sri Weld Food Court @ Beach Street