The Golden Triangle, Now Open at Queensbay Mall!

Happy New Year folks! 3 days into the new year, hope those resolutions are going strong. As for me, I never make resolutions, because I always end up breaking them! Plus, I would think that resolutions can be made at any time of the year, not necessarily during the new year only. 🙂

And now, back to food…..

Recently I did a post on The Golden Triangle, serving a combination of Thai, Vietnamese and Laosian cuisine. Food was good and so I am most delighted to announce that its newest outlet is now open in Queensbay Mall!

So for those of us who stay on the island and are too lazy/tired/frustrated to make that trip across the bridge (which can amazingly be jammed with traffic even on a weekend) to Juru Autocity, good news for us!

The Golden Triangle is located at 4th of Queensbay Mall, above Dragon-i restaurant. The easiest way to find the restaurant would be to take the centre court escalators. Take the escalators opposite Swensens and Sakae Sushi one more flight up and when you reach the 4th floor, you’ll see the restaurant right in front of you.

I had the opportunity to dine there yesterday (without a camera, unfortunately!!) and was told that the outlet has been opened since Dec 20. It is rather secluded since not many shoppers venture to the 4th floor save for those looking for the hair saloons. But this restaurant is definitely worth a visit. I’m told that currently their Thai master chef is based in the Queensbay Mall outlet. Prices are on the higher end. We had a set meal consisting of 6 dishes – pretty similar to the ones during my previous visit to their Autocity outlet. I thoroughly enjoyed the seafood tom yam (just the right amount of sourness).

The set meal of 6 dishes, 5 glasses of fresh pineapple juice and a mango pulut dessert set us back about RM250.  I must say though that the mango pulut dessert fell short. The mangoes were too ripe and the pulut was overcooked and ended up being too mushy. We gave this feedback to the manager and he says he’ll treat us to dessert the next time! We’ll have to visit again to see if he makes good on that! 🙂


  1. allen – yeah it is a bit pricey, but worth checking out! meanwhile i must remember to bring my camera with me at all times! i thought it would be another boring weekday…wasnt expecting to go somewhere this nice! 🙂

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