Nyonya Breeze @ Abu Siti Lane

Nyonya Breeze used to be located next to Naza Hotel in Tanjung Bungah. But recently, they moved to Abu Siti Lane, off Macalister Road. Located opposite Choo Plaza, its bright green signboard is hard to miss.

My family is always in search of good nyonya food, as my late grandma was a fantastic cook who would whip up these amazing nyonya dishes. Perhaps we’re biased, but so far, nothing seems to come close to whatever came out of my grandma’s kitchen. So we entered into Nyonya Breeze, hopeful….

Nyonya Breeze

Service was quite brisk, but I was told that the previous weekend (New Year’s) the place was full and there was a long waiting time for the food (about 45mins!). But today, there were about 6 tables and thank goodness we didn’t have to wait very long.

The “ju hu char” (stir fried shredded senkuang, carrots and dried cuttlefish and mushrooms) was tasty and flavorful. It came with sambal belacan and fresh lettuce leaves.

Nyonya Breeze Ju Hu Char

Next up was the ‘Tau Eu Bak’ (pork in soya sauce), a favourite dish of mine. Unfortunately, the one here in Nyonya Breeze was quite disappointing. The flavor is good. But the pork meat was hard and tough. It should be very tender after hours of simmering in the pot. So I could not understand why the meat turned out hard instead.

Nyonya Breeze Tau Eu Bak

The Inche Kabin (fried chicken) was so-so. I was a little disappointed that they served it without the usual prawn crackers on top.

Nyonya Breeze Inche Kabin

Luckily the Too Thor Th’ng (pig’s stomach soup) was much better. It was hot and peppery. It’s one of my favourite soups which I haven’t had in a while.

Nyonya Breeze Too Thor Th’ng

Finally we had the Assam Prawns. This was not too bad, but I would have preferred it with a stronger assam flavour.

Nyonya Breeze Assam Prawns

Their dessert of the day was Banana Sago. We ordered one bowl to try. And I must say I was quite disappointed with this. It’s basically sago cooked with santan and bananas. It was too sweet for me. Everyone else in my family didn’t think much of this dessert.

Nyonya Breeze Banana Sago

But I was quite delighted to find that their drinks list includes ‘Or Thing Ginger Tea’ (Ginger and Black Sugar tea) I immediately ordered this when I spotted it. I love the hot ginger tea and how soothing it can be (especially for those people who have ‘wind’ in their stomach).

The total bill came up to about RM63 inclusive of 4 drinks. Food here is so-so. They do have a rather extensive menu and there are many other dishes which I’ve yet to try (such as Hong Bak, Curry Kapitan, Lor Bak, Acar etc etc) Wouldn’t mind coming back here again to try the other dishes before giving them the final verdict. 🙂

Oh they are also promoting their Chinese New Year menu which will be for the eve of Chinese New Year and on the 2nd and 3rd day of Chinese New Year. I took a quick look – a course dinner for 10pax is RM228 while a course for 4 pax is RM78.


  1. I went there once. I love the soup too, then I remeber there’s a curry kapitan chicken I think, it was nice. The food there not bad, better then Nyonya cafe at New World Park. =)

  2. Wahhh….chaboh oi, all the above dishes are my every day regular home cooking wor. In fact, I am going to do a step-by-step recipe for joo hoo char tomorrow. And I just cooked too tor thng day before yesterday. I didn’t know I have the Nyonya in me. LOL.

  3. nicholas – nyonya cafe at new world park also so-so only. i miss my grandma’s cooking!!

    lilian – wahh!!! make me so jealous nia! your kids and hub are really lucky, get to eat really yummy home cooked food! unfortunately, i was too young to learn my grandma’s recipes before she passed on… looking forward to your step-by-step ju hu char recipe!!

  4. Wah… Lilian cooked all these everyday hor… wonder are we invited or not? 😀
    I think I prefer the other Nyonya outlet in town, also in Abu Sitee Lane, can’t really remember the name of the shop. I think it’s something like Mama Nyonya….

  5. i frequent this place… so maybe i can give u some tips…the dishes u ought to try here are the sambal goreng, masak titik, curry kapitan, chenchuan fish, sarairumi/kacang botol char sambal n gulai tumis..oh ya..and also nasi ulam and also their lam mee…a must try =)

  6. nkotb – yeah Mama’s nyonya is also at abu siti lane. they’ve been there longer and i do like the food there. hmmm…must go visit them again soon!

    ealyshea – wow thanks for the recommendations! i love nasi ulam!

  7. but mama’s is very pricey. and the portion is small.
    since i am a curry fan, i really love the curry kapitan and gulai tumis.. and the sambal goreng is sinfully delicious.i’m sure if u tried these dishes, u will view this place with a different light =)

  8. your most welcome =)
    do blog after u’ve tried those dishes..would love to hear ur feedback.
    i’ll be waiting.hehehe.

  9. I tried both of this 2 nyonya restaurant it is average. But I still prefer Hot Wok Nynoya Food in Tanjung Tokong especially their tumis fish,assam prawn,perut ikan n the tatsty pork cincalok too. Hope you guys give it a try.

  10. I have been to Nyonya Breeze at Abu Siti lane a few times. The food and service provided are pretty good. The recently opened a branch at Straits Quay. The food is horrible and cannot be compared to the one at Abu Siti lane. The sambal tasted like it was made of dried chilli, and the curry kapitan tasted like… tasteless! Portions were very small and the price we paid was ridiculously expensive, RM300+ for 5 adults and 4 little kids (who hardly ate any), and we didnt order big prawns or fish, only the spring rolls, kangkung, curry chicken etc. Probably because they need to pay for the rental. Dont go to the one at Straits Quay.

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