Tian Tian (Everyday Supreme) Restaurant @ Red Rock Hotel

Red Rock Hotel is the ex Agora Hotel along Macalister Road that had undergone a recent renovation and facelift. And it is home to this delightful Chinese Restaurant – Tian Tian (Everyday Supreme)!

Tian Tian Restaurant

We recently had a dinner for 14 pax and I enjoyed every single dish! So let’s get on with the food….

Jing Yun Juen

For starters we had this unique dish – ‘Jing Yun Juen’. I apologize for not getting the names in Mandarin as I can’t read Mandarin! So I shall name the dishes according to the ‘han yu pin yin’ (with help with the translation from my mom!) This seems to be one of the popular signature dishes and its a piece of fried puff (I can’t tell what it is) wrapped in a man tau. Something different indeed! The portion they served for 14 pax costs RM30.

Jing Yun Juen2

Next up was a dish that looked to me like Foo Yong Egg which they served with fresh lettuce leaves. Little did I know that this dish called “Chao Bu” is actually chock full of expensive stuff like crab meat and scallops! And it costs RM90!

Chao Bu

Next came the dishes to be eaten with rice… There was the “Kar Heong Tau Fu” (Homemade Beancurd) RM20 which was steamed beancurd (somewhat similar to the Japanese beancurd) and topped up stir fried mushrooms, salted fish and minced chicken meat. The beancurd texture was smooth but I found the topping a bit too salty especially when you bite into the bigger pieces of salted fish.

Kar Heong Tau Fu

The “pai gu” (Spare ribs) was very juicy and tasty (RM30) It was so good that by the time I wanted to snap a picture of it, very little was left!

Pai Gu

The stir fried brinjal with dried prawns (RM15) is a spicy dish which was delicious! I’ve had this dish before in another Chinese restaurant – CRC Restaurant.

Stir fried brinjal

Next up was the Steamed Dragon Fish (literal translation) RM90. The fish came steamed with soya sauce. It was fresh and the meat was nice and firm.

Steamed Dragon Fish

We also had this lovely chicken dish (RM25) which came subtle hints of nutmeg and peanuts. One of my favourite dishes from the dinner!

Nutmeg chicken

After such a rich scrumptious dinner, we somehow still had room for some dessert. We ordered the Honeydew sago (medium size – RM12) and ‘Kwai Leng Ko’, a traditional herbal dessert (RM3 per portion).

Honeydew Sago

The Honeydew sago was fair. Have had better but this was passable. I didn’t try the ‘kwai leng ko’ as I don’t really like the bitter taste even though you do eat it with honey. But it got positive reviews.

Kwai Leng Ko

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the food.  This restaurant is also a popular venue for wedding dinners.

Tian Tian (Everyday Supreme) Restaurant is open for lunch (12pm-3pm) and dinner (6pm-10pm).


  1. Hm ok lah…this place. The crabmeat dish that expensive ar? wah lao…the crispy thing is dried scallop while crabmeat is in the egg. I can’t really remember what I had.

    Dun like the honey dew sago. They mix with coconut ice cream : P If you have time please try Jade Palace on a day when they have not so many customer. lolz just to maintain quality. Their ‘yat pun wor’ is good and heard they serve fish head with apple soup. lolz

    erm their kerabu chicken, tung poh yuk with man tao, 4 seasons also not bad, thousand island prawn (chin dou har) and homemade tofu. Jade palace noodles also ok. they have desserts hot and cold. I like their ‘ma tai lou’ and honeydew sago 🙂

  2. jian – wow! thanks for the recommendations at Jade palace! 🙂 somehow i only go to jade palace for wedding dinners….

    nicholas – 🙂 wah now i must really go jade palace liao! wanna go try the honeydew sago.. heehee…

  3. Hi..

    Don’t know want to choose which restaurant from my wedding dinner..Tian Tian Restaurant or Stone Bay??

    Have any comment??

  4. Hi Toh,

    I haven’t dined at Stone Bay (after the new management took over) so I can’t really compare the two. But I have been for a wedding dinner at Tian Tian and the food was acceptable. Perhaps you could check out both places, see what type of packages they offer etc to suit your needs. I think that Tian Tian has a bigger space though.

  5. Hi LingZie, between Tian Tian and the new Hei Yeong Seng Restaurant in Penang Plaza, which one has better food and service? I am considering these two as the venue for my wedding but I can’t decide! Thanks!

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