We Can Make A Difference!

I have always tried not to deviate from the main topic of this blog (which is food, of course) but recently, too many things have been happening in our country that we simply cannot not take notice.

First, there’s that horrific bus crash that took away more lives, 3 very young lives with bright futures ahead of them.  You would think that after so many bus crashes last year the authorities would have taken stern action against the bus companies and the drivers. However, here we are again, faced with yet another tragedy. Enough is enough! I have family members who take the bus outstation regularly and I’m worried and concerned. We need assurances that we and our family members will be safe when taking that bus. Let us put a stop to this right now, because clearly our authorities are not doing enough. We need to stand up and speak out, because this concerns you someday somehow. We need to protect ourselves and fight for our rights. And what could be more right than our very own safety?! So please, take a minute out of your busy day… read this and sign this petition.

Second issue is one that is very sensitive which touches on religion – the Gan Eng Gor case. But it is an issue that we should know about and be aware of. I am in no means against the conversion to Islam or any other religion for that matter. Because I feel that all religions teach their followers to be good and kind and have compassion. But I believe that it is man’s interpretation of religion for their own benefit that complicates matters. There are too many things happening in this country and too many people who remain ignorant or think that ‘it won’t happen to me’. What happens then when the ‘won’t-happen-to-mes’ actually happens to you? What happens when you can’t pay your last respects to your loved one because the authorities claim he/she has converted to Islam? Frankly, I do not know what you or I can do at this point to help Gan Eng Gor’s family or others like them. But we need to be aware that this is going on and pull that wool off our eyes.

Lastly, Pelf, a wonderful blogger with a heart made of gold, has sent me Holly’s plea for help. Holly is suffering from a genetic condition called Neurofibromatosis Type 2 (NF2) and she needs funds for an implant that will prevent her from going completely blind and deaf. It is only one dollar! So please do what you can to help another who is in need.

We may sometimes think that we are just one person against the world. So how can our one little heart and 2 pairs of hands possibly help change the world? But what we don’t realize is that if we all come together, with all our hundreds and thousands and millions hearts and pairs of hands. Then we most definitely a force to be dealt with! So yes, it starts with you. And its about time we start caring and standing up for ourselves and others who can’t because WE CAN make a difference!


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