Zi Wei Yuan Steamboat @ Raja Uda, Butterworth

At the last minute, a group of friends and I decided to meet up for dinner last Saturday since we were all too busy to meet over Chinese New Year. Since it was a weekend, we decided to go a bit further than we usually do for food – across the Penang Bridge to Raja Uda. For what is said to be one of the best steamboats in Penang!

So that Saturday evening, I found myself at rather unfamiliar territory as we drove up to Zi Wei Yuan Steamboat.

Zi Wei Yuan Steamboat

We had reserved a table for 9pax at 8pm. Soon enough, we were seated and decided to order one of their sets which cost RM238. I wasn’t around when we ordered, as I was too busy buying some highly recommended ‘yew char kuih’/’yau char kuai’ across the street! (more on those lovely delicious ‘yew char kuih’ in the next post)

When I came back to the table, all our steamboat ingredients were already laid out on the table. The immediate thing I noticed about the steamboat was the charcoal in the middle. Very traditional indeed!

Traditional steamboat

The soup base served here is special because it is cooked with yam and I also detected some ‘asam boi’ bits in the soup.

Yam steamboat

I must admit that I’m not a big fan of steamboats. Because steamboat brings to my mind ajinomoto laden soup bases and bland tasting fish balls, pork balls, squid balls….

But…one taste of the soup base served here at Zi Wei Yuan…and I was sold! The soup is really really tasty, very flavorful!

Steamboat ingredients

The steamboat ingredients that came in the set included all the ‘expensive’ stuff – abalone,  sea cucumber, fresh fish slices, fresh prawns, oysters, scallops…. including the staple fish balls and pork balls…


Oh and do they have a really good chilli dip! Slightly sour and plenty spicy!


Although I’m still not a big fan of steamboats, I must say that this is among the tastiest steamboats I’ve had in quite a while!

Zi Wei Yuan Steamboat is located at 6525 Jalan Raja Uda, 12300 Butterworth. For reservations (it is recommended that you reserve a table because this place is packed!)  call 04-331 2736 or 012-452 4741. Closed on Wednesdays.

For directions (because I am admittedly quite lost in Raja Uda) hop on over to My Love My Food’s entry. Enjoy!


  1. heh thats not abalone…very similar texture to abalone izzint it? (not refering to abalone mushroom)

    anyway great steamboat you have there! aiyoh now u make me craving for steamboat, my friend pula entice me with ochien and many other food…

    how to slim like that????

  2. wah, luckily i’m not hungry at the moment, if not…….

    hmmm, maybe find some day can go and try it out. looks so nice with all those “hor liao” stuff.

  3. Not CNY? But still so festive with all those red lanterns leh.. 🙂

    I just ate my tea at the mamak, so I’m safe from drooling. Otherwise… 😛

  4. jian – aiks its not abalone ah? i also eat until confuse already…too many things to eat at one go! lol… as for your question…i also ask myself everyday…how to slim liddat?!! 😛

    allen – yeah you should organize a makan trip with your friends and give it a try.

    kenny – heehee i think those lanterns will probably stay up there til next year’s CNY!!

    adrian – eh? mana ada? one blog only la…the other one belongs to another fellow flogger. 🙂

    celine – yeah, seems to be highly recommended by floggers and also popular with the locals… should drop by if you’re around that area.

  5. We had the fish steamboat at Zi Wei Yuan in Jalan Raja Uda for the first time with friends last night, and the steamboat was just delicious. The fish soup was so, so tasty and the spread was just delectable. We will definitely go back again.

  6. They have moved next door. Their own property now with good car park available next to it. You may want to update this blog entry 🙂

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