Passions of Kerala Banana Leaf Rice

Whenever I’m in the mood for banana leaf rice, my mind inadvertently wonders to… Passions of Kerala. The original restaurant in Gelugor was called Innira’s, while the restaurant in Service Road (off Burmah Road) was called Passions of Kerala. They now no longer carry the name Innira’s, having changed all the outlets’ name to Passions of Kerala. And they boast a spanking new outlet in New World Park.

Passions of Kerala

We recently revisited this lovely restaurant at Service Road and were quickly brought our banana leaves… soon came our rice (they have tomato rice on weekends). And if you opt for the vegetarian set, it comes with 4 different types of vegetable dishes. The veggie dishes varies daily. One of my favourites being the raw cucumber, onions and pineapple salad mixed with a lil vinegar and sugar. Pappadams are then served, together with a selection of curries for you to douse over the rice. Plus all the vegetables and rice are free flow.

Banana leaf veggie set

We then ordered our regular favourites…. the McNair fried chicken….served piping hot and crispy! Definitely finger licking good!

McNair chicken

Another one of my favourites is the fried squids, with just a hint of tumeric…

Fried squids

We also ordered the Masala Mutton…spicy thick curry yummyness!

Masala Mutton

And finally…what better way to end the satisfying meal than a glass of creamy lassi? They have several types of lassis (yoghurt drink) to choose from – sweet, mango and orange. The sour lassi (far left in the photo) is also great for helping with digestion after such a heavy meal!


Definitely one of the best banana leaf rice restaurants in Penang!

Passions of Kerala is now opened at:

– Service Road (Off Burmah Road) T: 04-2292570

– 5, Lorong Endah 4, Taman Brown, Gelugor, Penang. T: 04-6578850

– 102-C-3 New World Park, Burmah Road, Penang. T:04-2272550


  1. jian – the gelugor one is in taman brown..near the rukun tetangga. its actually inside the taman, not near the main road so if you’re not familiar with the area it can be quite difficult to find. try the one in town!

    lyrical lemongrass – hmmm…now that you mentioned does sound un-indian! but its actually named after the owner Gary McNair. 🙂

  2. One of my favourite banana leave restaurant when I work in Menara PSCI (now known as Menara Boustead).

    You should try their fried bitter gourd as a starter!

  3. gina – yeah you should give this place a try. but i’m sure KL has got lots of good banana leaf rice too. 🙂

    big boys oven – i think i’ll have to give gula melaka cheesecake a miss. 🙁 wont be to make a trip down to KL this weekend… but i will attend a class…soon! my resolution for this year! lol

    email2me – oh you used to work there? my family likes the fried bitter gourd but not me… i dont like the bitter taste, although everyone tells me its not so bitter after frying!

    yong – thank you! 🙂

  4. Banana rice~Long time no c, Long time no eat!
    Being reminded i should pay the indian aneh at my hometown the next time im back.

  5. Finally someone blog about this Indian restaurant, I used to stay at Taman Tun Sardon and this banana leaf restaurant serve one of the best south indian cuisine. I have a lot of memory with this place. ‘


  6. I stayed around the area and familliar enough of this place as I went there a few times.
    No doubt the food is good.

    a big… BUT

    Me & My Friend when there for a makan at dinner time.

    The dissapointment on the service was terrible.
    Not the first time as I had experience it 2-3 times.

    In short what I can remember the few other days was they were showing “sour face” everytime we are there.
    ( What did we ever do to have them treat us that way as we are paying for the food as well )

    The last visit was around last week when I was asking for mutton curry from the worker.
    He said he would ask the owner ( Lady ).
    He asked the lady and and the LADY answered loudly stating ” Dia Mau Mutton Curry, Pi lah PASAR MALAM beli”.

    Indeed that she let me hear that and how freakin RUDE was she.
    and what i notice is that if you are a family friend or maybe a regular they will treat you like King & Queen and bring whatever curry they asked for ( it happen beside my table ).
    So when I left with anger, I asked a Man ( at the counter) should be the owner, I asked “Is there no mutton curry, he stated we don’t have mutton curry but only Mutton Masala.” ( The LADY should have told me in a proper way right?, why must she mention all those? )

    After Finish eating…we walk to pay…
    Then I confronted him and stating ” why is the lady so rude” he answered….. ” why cannot ah”…

    What Kind of Service is this???.. I rather take my money somewhere else than to see those faces again

  7. I have tried this resturant a number of times during my visits to Penang and I must say the food is good; sometime a wee bit crowded.

  8. I must say, I share Elayana concerns as I found them a bit of ignorant and mannerless when speaking to customers.

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