Laksa & Fried Popiah @ One Corner Cafe, Jalan Bawasah

I remember that as a young kid, my grandpa and my dad would bring sometimes bring us out for a delicious snack – fried ‘popiah’ sold by an Indian uncle on a motorbike. Usually there would be lots of people crowding round his motorbike which held lots of goodies that included laksa, nyonya kuih and fried ‘popiah’. He would always be parked behind the old Cold Storage/Penang Plaza, now known as Giant Supermarket along Burmah Road. And there would be people standing around the motorbike, eating bowls of hot laksa.

As I grew older, we found out that he moved to the recycling centre behind Giant.

Recycling centre

Only recently did I discover that the Indian uncle has moved his business to One Corner Cafe, just a stone’s throw away from the Recycling centre. When you exit Giant supermarket’s carpark, you’ll spot One Corner Cafe just on your left. And you’ll find the Indian uncle just at the front, under the red canopy.
One Corner Cafe

I was so delighted to find him again! And it wasn’t long before I was brought down memory lane, as I savoured the fried popiah dipped in laksa soup. Of course you can opt to have the fried popiah with the usual chilli dip, but I prefer mine drenched in the flavourful sour laksa soup!

Fried popiah in laksa soup

The laksa is also still cheap and good.

Laksa at OCC

Other than laksa and fried popiah, another favourite of mine is the blue nyonya kuih topped with kaya.

Blue nyonya kuih

Other goodies that are being sold include a few other varieties of nyonya kuih and curry puffs. So the next time you’re around the Giant supermarket area, do drop by One Corner Cafe at Jalan Bawasah to sample these simple but tasty, delectable snacks! The Indian uncle tells me he takes Mondays and Tuesdays off.


  1. nkotb – i’m also so happy that i found him! would be a real shame if he just disappeared right?

    lotsofcravings – this popiah dipped in laska soup thing seems to be quite popular in penang. there are quite a few ppl going round in their motorbikes now, selling laksa and fried popiah. but this uncle’s one is still one of the best.

  2. I grow up eating this. I thought he stopped or something. I should go and try it again one day. I LOVE popiah in laksa soup. Like the best combination ever!!! =P

  3. Aiyo …. when you are at One Corner Cafe, you should hit the SUPER HOKKIEN MEE with extra pork lard! This is another super star hawker here 😛

    During breakfast peak hour, you have to wait up to 1 hour for your bowl of hokkien mee. I just had it last week when I was back in PG for my holiday. I will post it up on my flog soon.

  4. jian – eh he used to go around in his motorbike too ah? i didnt know that! 🙂

    ping ping – now you know where to find him!

    email2me – oh the hokkien mee there very good ya? ok i will go try one of these days. usually i go during lunch time and never noticed the hokkien mee stall.

    allen – if you have trouble finding jln bawasah, drop me an email la!

  5. Yeah he did…aiyah I cant find the kueh post I did. Got a pic of him with his motor and tons of kueh. hehe…din realise penang got sell hakka lui char…

  6. yes.. this is the one I hunt for long time and never know he move into the shop….

    seems like our lucky day…. to spot this.. ok… mr laksa… dun run away again.. we too fat to chase behind u…..:P

    we will be there to sapu ur laksa,,,, muahaha…

    feel ashame to be the hawker food hunter to miss this shop from the list….

    laksa with popiah…. u.. really “gao ciak”…..

    But i prefer the Seberang Perai Style one.. with the prawn biscuit….. yum yum….. crispy..

    wanna try?….

  7. If I not mistaken, last time this uncle used to doing business on his motorbike on the side door of Chung Ling High School. You can always see tons of students surrounding the bike, me been 1 of them. ^^ I got a pleasant suprise 1 day when I bump into his motorbike behind Giant supermarket, had the usual (popiah with laksa soup) and still taste superb. Now I know why I didn’t see him again whenever I passed Giant. Thanks for sharing the new place he moved to. ^^
    Keep up the good work eh……food hunting?

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