Sweet & Sour Fishballs

This is a long overdue post, as I prepared this dish for a pot luck at the end of last year.

At that time, I had spotted this simple yet tantalizing recipe from Rasa Malaysia’s site. And the pot luck was the perfect opportunity for me to try out the recipe!

I have never had fishballs cooked in this way, deep fried and then coated with a sauce made up of chilli sauce, ketchup and oyster sauce. But I could imagine that it would taste great!

Instead of the regular fishballs from the market, I decided to buy the homemade fish scoop from one of my favourite Yong Tao Foo shops in Pulau Tikus – Sawara. They make the fish scoop using mackerel fish. I decided to scoop and shape them on my own, so the fish scoop came in a paste in a plastic container. I then shaped them with a spoon and placed them in a pot of boiling water to cook. The fish balls cooked very quickly and after a few minutes, out they came.


After that, I pan fried the fish balls quickly, dished them out and set aside.  Combined all the sauces and sugar in a pan and then added the fish balls again to coat.

Lastly, dished out the fish balls and sprinkled with sesame seeds.

Sweet & Sour Fishballs

These sweet and sour fishballs were a hit at the pot luck party. Everyone, including myself, loved it! And I’m pretty sure this will be one of my favourite things to cook for my next pot luck party or for any occasion for that matter! A really quick, easy and scrumptious dish!

For the full recipe and more mouth watering photos, do check out Rasa Malaysia. 🙂

Happy Cooking!


  1. Hey Lingzie, I am glad you tried this out…ooooh, I never know you can get the raw fish paste in Penang, I will have to check out Sawara, where is it at? I am a huge fan of Yong Tow Foo and can’t get enough.

    Yes, this recipe is a keeper, so easy and so tasty. Drool…you did a very good job. 🙂

  2. rasa malaysia – thank you! i absolutely loved this recipe! I’ll be doing a post soon on Sawara yong tao foo…but just fyi, its at Pulau Tikus, same row as Burmah House (Maybank) and Baskin Robbins.

  3. Hi Lingzie, don’t forget to let us know how much you paid for the sawara yong tau foo meal as well as the opening hours of the eatery, ok? Thanks a lot! Esther

  4. Wah, I was reading this with my friend… she thought the first pic was the cooked fishballs and wondered how to eat… till I told her they were still raw… 😆

  5. zewt – why in the world do you need to go on a diet?? 😛

    corsaro – yes i cook! 😛 but usually i prefer to bake

    durianberry – pot luck parties are the best!! i love them! 🙂 maybe we should organize a flogger pot luck party. 😛

    esther – sawara yong tau foo post coming right up..have been traveling a lot this week!

    kenny – eh the first pic IS the cooked fishballs wor…it’s been cooked in boiling water…so can eat already one…

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