Rolling Rolling Rouleau

After months of wanting to go for their baking class, I finally found some time and headed down to KL. And I had no regrets! Not a single bit! Because I had so much fun at Big Boys Oven’s baking class on Sunday, despite it being my first time attending their class. The other ladies attending the class were also really friendly!

“Si fu” Sunny showed us how to make rouleaus.

Egg whites

Every amateur baker’s fear is… overbeating the egg whites! They should be just nice and smooth with some ‘structure’.

Spreading mixture

Sunny showing us how to spread the green tea cake mixture in the pan…

Rouleau base

The vanilla cake base is done!

Then…came our coffee break!I didn’t know that Sunny would prepare other desserts for us to try. Needless to say, I was so delighted when presented with this….

Caramel custard

So cantik right? I took one mouthful and thought I’d died and gone to dessert heaven! Very lovely caramel custard pudding. A lil’ on the sweet side, but that’s how I like ’em!

But that’s not all… we still had this…

Cream puffs

and this….


Ok…back to work… Sunny showing us the most crucial part… how to roll the rouleau!

Rolling Rouleau

I tried rolling the rouleau too… and it was harder than rolling sushi! Because the cake base is much softer and more delicate. I was afraid I’d break the cake while rolling… so had to do it very gently!

Vanilla rouleau

Finally! Our ‘masterpieces’. 🙂

Ok lah… we cheated a lot… cos Sunny had to come to our rescue many times! 🙂 🙂

Green tea rouleau

My favourite green tea rouleau…because it tastes lovely and is so visually stimulating…

For more photos, hop on over to Big Boys Oven’s. 🙂

Thanks Sunny and Sid for a wonderful class!


  1. Nice to meet someone from Pg (just like me!).. hope to keep in touch with you and see you in more of Sunny’s class..

  2. BBO – yes yes more to come! looking forward to it!

    kenny – oh yeah, it was good makan indeed! haha!

    litteinbox – thank you! and welcome!

    breadpitt – hi! welcome! that’s a real catchy nick!

    pikey – thank you. wait til i try to make it on my own..hopefully it will turn out just as nice!

    adrian – oh yeah the caramel custard… superb la! drools… heehee

    erina – belanja you? can! no problem! 🙂

    sweet jasmine – hie! i’m trying to get Sunny to come to penang for a class. would love it if you could join! do check back here for further details!

    jennifer – hi my fellow baker classmate! 🙂 it was great meeting you!

  3. hiya ..lingzie..lovely blog and very interesting to read . Come to read yr blog after getting to know u in the baking class. Great to know a Penang gurl..been ages i have not visited
    take care

  4. nkotb – we will definitely respect your wishes. 🙂 will update you on the class.

    sue – hie! nice to meet you too. hope we can meet again in sunny’s future classes. 🙂

  5. Hi Linzie, was in Jasmine’s blog and thought tour abit and found you. Where is the Big Boy Oven’s located? Must go and join you!

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