Marvellous Magnificient Macarons!

Ah…macarons… Chewy crisp tops and creamy centers… the perfect treat for anyone with a sweet tooth!


Sunny of Big Boys Oven showing us the way…

Sunny’s macarons

We were delighted when our macarons had ‘feet’! Horray! Them macarons can be temperamental I tell you…. not easy to make… all the elements have to fall into place – oven temperature, drying time, etc… But we were still so proud of the result. (PS: can you tell which were the ones we made, and which were the ones Sunny made?! lol)


Sunny’s tea time treats… which we look forward to almost as much as the actual class itself.. (sometimes more!)… drools..

Sunny’s tea time treats

Now this… is one orgasmic tasting tiramisu I tell you!!

Sunny’s tiramisu

For more macarons and other orgasmic desserts… hop on over to Big Boys Oven’s baking class schedule. July classes are up! Happy Baking! 🙂


  1. I love Macaron!!!!!!

    Since I tasted it once in Paris, I could not forget the taste of it!

    When I came back to Malaysia, I could not find Macaron in KL/PJ area……

    Do you know where can I buy Macaron???

  2. Yayaya. He just replied my email.

    He said Rm53 for 20pcs per box.

    I am asking him whether I could have different flavours for the 20pcs per box.

    Too bad I do not have my own kitchen, otherwise I will buy an over and learn bakery. If I attend his class and I do not practice at home, at the end of the day I will forget also. 🙂

    Yeah, that’s your Penang Laksa ~~~

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