Terubong Seafood @ Paya Terubong

I hardly venture into Paya Terubong/Air Itam area for some strange reason, though this place holds one of the best seafood places in Penang, if I dare say. 🙂Terubong Seafood

Cheap and good is what you will find at Terubong Seafood. Usually packed with locals tucking into fresh seafood, my dad told us we’d go at 6pm to avoid the rush crowd!

Terubong fresh fish

I left the ordering to my parents as they have been to this place more times than I. A short while later, we were presented with our first dish…their signature deep fried tiny prawns (RM8)… these were crunchy and absolutely delicious! A great snack!

Terubong Seafood deep fried prawns

We also ordered another signature – ladies fingers (RM6). This was cooked with the similar marinade as their ‘ikan bakar’ (grilled fish). I loved this dish! Spicy but really good!

Terubong Seafood ladies fingers

Next up was their home made fish ball soup (RM15). The soup was flavorful with a hint of Chinese wine and the fish balls fresh with a slight crunchy bite to it.

Terubong Seafood fish ball soup

Then came the sweet and sour prawns (RM17) which were just perfect! Not too sour.

Terubong Seafood Sweet & Sour Prawns

Finally came the steamed fish Teow Chew Style (RM45). Their other very popular fish dish is the ‘ikan bakar’ but we decided to try the steam fish this time. And this steamed fish did not disappoint!

Terubong Seafood steam fish

Finally we decided that we still had a bit of space left in our stomachs, so we ordered a plate of fried maggi mee (RM3)… which was definitely one of the best fried mee’s I’ve had in a long long time. Definitely got ‘wok hei’ and not too salty or oily. Thumbs up!

Terubong Seafood fried maggi mee

My saliva is dripping already as I type out this entry, despite the fact that I’ve just had dinner… must visit this place again soon! 🙂

Terubong Seafood can be contacted at 04-8660903, 012-4103303.

This review by Food4Thot has the full address as well as directions to this place. For other reviews hop on over to BackStreetGluttons page.


  1. signature deep fried tiny prawns is a MUST order dish, if anyone miss it…. regret lo…

    Huat Koay like the Teow Chew Choi a lot.. (he is teow chew nang)…. haha… always come to a battle to get which style to order between me and Huat Koay… lol

    Nice place …. worth going even far from my place..

  2. I’ve been to this shop … hmm… I think it’s 2 yrs ago. I only remember that the food there is nice but can’t recall what we’ve ordered. *paiseh*

  3. hey Lingzie!
    this place is the best in penang if looking for fresh and delicious seafood.
    why dont u all order the ikan bakar…is the best of best!
    and i knw well with the owner’s daughter, which is my secondary school classmate ler….

  4. deep fried tiny prawns look appetizing! the crunch can be felt from here. 🙂

    the fish is pomfret? quite pricey huh? but if it’s fresh and nice, all’s forgiven i guess?

  5. Good choice with the steamed fish. I think sometimes with fried dishes, the cooks can disguise food that’s not fresh but when it’s steamed, only the freshest will taste good.

    (But since your parents chose it themselves, there’s no worry on that matter, haha.)

  6. penangtuapui – lol! next time you and huat koay half half la…you order half the dishes, he order the other half. 🙂

    allie – oh 2 years ago ah…time to visit this place again! lol

    arielbeckham – oh you know the owner’s daugther? cool. yeah next time i go must order the ikan bakar!

    motormouth – yes its a white pomfret…it was fresh so…you’re right..forgiven! as long as its not ridiculously overpriced! 🙂

  7. CK Lam – me too! i love home made fish ball soup! the one here is really good! you guys should give it a try. 🙂

    kenny mah – yes freshness is ultra important. im fussy about my steam fish like that. lol

    nkotb – when you’re around the area, should bring your family to try. i think you will enjoy the food a lot!

    BBO – muahahaha.. when i type the entry i already salivating! haha!

  8. The sweet sour prawn looks great. I did not see many prwns there, so presumably they are quite large. The little prawns reminded me of a Tapas dish I had over the weekend. I am sure deep fried battered prawns is eaten in many cuisines round the world.

  9. I have been to this restaurant many times before. I particularly like the steamed fish.The so call soup that comes with it provides that nice sourish feel to the dish. The har kor isnt too bad too.

  10. had a bad experience there quite some time ago when I took my parents there for Father’s day dinner. We waited more than 1 hour and finally when the food arrived, the portion was barely enough for 3 of us. And the food didn’t taste as good too. My parents were so disappointed, they said they will never go back there again. 🙁

  11. paya terubong there got tradisional hainamnese satay with potatoes sause…..taste GOOD …can have a try……near lee rubber factory

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