Flogger’s Makan-Makan Get-Together

While chatting with PenangTuaPui the other day, I realized its high time I stop procrastinating and just organize this flogger’s get-together that has been at the back of my mind for quite some time…

So fellow Penang floggers, what say we have a get-together? Meet up for some food, some photos (of the food!), a few good laughs, and finally put a face to our online personas. 🙂


The Makan-makan get-together details….

Date: 2 August 2008 (Sat)

Time: 7.00pm onwards

Venue: Hai Nan Restaurant at Tanjung City Marina (next to the jetty)

All floggers welcomed! If you’re interested to come along and do what Penangites do best (eat la! lol), do email me at lingzie@gmail.com

Preferably by July 31 so that I can make arrangements with the restaurant. 🙂

Please feel free to spread the news too. Thank you!!

~prays that people will actually email to say they want to come!~


  1. great move….. thanks for putting great effort to pulling everyone together, hope the response will be great and we can talk more on that day. Hope 3 of us can show up there.

    Make sure u got big chair for us 😛

    HK on paternity leave (may not able to join)

  2. I wish I was in Penang and could join you all. Alas, travelling from Brisbane, Australia to Penang is just a little bit too far for a meet up. However I am considering heading back in Feb next year so hopefully next time I can join you all!

  3. Hi lingzie,

    I will still be in Penang. But I will be out with my friends. They have booked me for that day ages ago. I wish I can join you guys, but I think I will pass. Sorry

  4. lots of cravings & BBO – mana tau you guys happen to be in penang during that weekend? 🙂 if you are do drop by!!

    kenny – ooo gorgeous femme date.. ok lah i forgive you for not coming! 😛

    daniel – hi!! how was your trip to penang? hope it went well… if you’re here again next feb do let me know! 🙂

    lex – no worries…

    nkotb – thank you for the lovely awards!!

    penangtuapui,nkotb, buzzing bee, fortesfidelis – so i expect to see you guys there yeah? 🙂

  5. Hmmm… is it going to be buffet, sit down course dinner or ala carte? Let’s hope that I can snatch my car back from my brother or else I will have to jalan kaki there on that day.. LOL!

    Psss… you better get a carpenter to join two chairs up fast. PenangTuaPui will need to have one on that day.. haha 😛

    Don’t forget to visit my blog on 31st July 2008… I have a food contest from then onwards.

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