Thai Culture & Cuisine Fair @ New World Park

I’ve been seeing the banners around town about the Thai Culture & Cuisine Fair at New World Park.  When I drove past and saw that it wasn’t too crowded, I decided to go check out what they had to offer.

Thai Fair @ New World Park

Right away I spotted something that caught my eye…

Thai Fair - Coconut Ice Cream

I’ve been wanting to try this for quite some time and was delighted to see it. This unique traditional Thai ice cream has got cubes of bread on the base, and is then topped with scoops of coconut ice cream. Then, ‘attap chee’, peanuts and evaporated milk are added as a finishing touch.

Thai Fair - coconut ice cream base

My Coconut Ice Cream, without the ‘attap chee’ which I don’t really fancy. The coconut ice cream was surprisingly good! It was rather sorbet like and the crunchy peanuts added much flavor and texture to it. Even the rather weird bread base tasted good, as by the time we got to it, some of the ice cream has melted and soaked the bread.

Thai Fair - Coconut Ice Cream

Next, some fish cakes and Thai ‘otak-otak’ beckoned…both were quite good, but a bit too salty just to eat on its own, for me.

Thai Fair - Fish Cakes & Otak-otak

As it was almost dinner time, I didn’t try much of the other food. But there was a good variety available. Such as this colorful eye catching seafood stir fry…

Thai Fair - stir fry seafood

Chicken skewers fresh off the grill…enticing smells though they don’t seem very Thai to me.

Thai Fair - Chicken skewers

An array of Thai salads which would go well with the tom yam sold by a few stalls…

Thai Fair - Meng Kam

Thai Fair - Som Tam

And of course there was the ever popular Thai dessert – mango pulut…

Thai Fair - Mango Pulut

But I opted for durian pulut instead which came with a generous portion of coconut milk. Tasty!

Thai Fair - Durian Pulut

Other snacks which were aesthetically pleasing…

Thai Fair - snacks

Thai Fair - snacks2

Other than freshly prepared food, there were also dried food stuffs, clothes, decorative item and other cute knick knacks for sale.

Thai Fair - dried food items

Thai fair - knick knacks

Thai Fair - decorative items

The Thai Fair is on at New World Park until 31 August 2008 from 10am-11pm. I might just go back again to try the tom yams that I missed this trip and perhaps another portion of coconut ice cream! 🙂


  1. still rmbr my uni yrs, when they held this next to the Sg Nibong bus station.
    the coconut ice cream was creamy, indulgent, and refreshing. cant get it anywhere else huh?

    1. The traditional Thai Coconut Ice Cream selling at Midlands One Stop, Pulau Tikus, Ground Floor. cheaper than in queensbay mall.

  2. Oh, still can plan my trip there. 🙂
    It makes me think of the good old time with my colleagues. We used to have meng kam at the cafetaria during break time. It was 5 years ago.

  3. I too was there and I bought the durian pulut. It was yummy with the gultinuous rice mixing with the coconut milk and eaten with the durian.

    Do try out the stall that sells nasi ulam and green curry on your next visit.

  4. I saw the banner too but thought it’s just a small affair with few stalls but looks like there’s alot to try out. Hmmm I need to look for ‘kaki makan’ to go with me.

  5. for the best coconut ice-cream, you should try the one in Sleeping Buddha. Once you enter the main entrance of Sleeping Buddha, the stall will be on your left.

    That’s the best!

  6. zenchef – i would be delighted to be your tour guide! drop me an email if you do visit penang! 🙂

    lex – i know of the stall that you mentioned…but i’ve been there a few times, always not open one! no luck la me.. 😛

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