Karaikudi (Hillside) Restaurant @ Hillside Tanjung Bungah

I love Indian food with its rich exotic tastes and generous use of fragrant spices! And luckily Penang has no shortage of Indian food.

The most recent discovery is Karaikudi Restaurant, located at Hillside, Tanjung Bungah. This restaurant is said to specialise in Chettinad cuisine which is the cuisine of the Chettinad region of Tamil Nadu state in South India.


I’m not too sure what authentic Chettinad cuisine tastes like, but what we had at this place certainly agreed with our palates!

Pouring over the very extensive menu, we decided to order some vegetables and salads for a start.

Karaikudi - fresh veggie saladKaraikudi - salad with lemon & coriander

The salad with lemon juice and fresh coriander herbs was refreshing indeed.

Despite the extensive menu, somehow we tend to order something that’s familiar to us. And thus we had the tandoori chicken with garlic naan.

Karaikudi - tandoori chicken

The tandoori chicken was good – deep smoky scents and infused with flavour! The garlic naan also did not disappoint as we kept reaching into the basket for more!

Karaikudi - garlic naan

I had a craving for butter masala chicken that night. While the gravy was deliciously smooth, I would have preferred it if they had used boneless chicken in the preparation of the dish. Makes it much easier to eat.

Karaikudi - butter masala chicken

Still, I happily drenched fluffy morsels of briyani rice in the masala gravy. πŸ™‚

Karaikudi - briyani rice

We also had their fried Chicken (i think it was Chicken Rose on the menu). I did prefer the tandoori chicken to this fried chicken. But it got nods of approval from the rest of the family. Best thing about the fried chicken was that it was served hot and crunchy! Cold hard fried chicken is just not worth eating.

Karaikudi - fried chicken

We also tried their fish curry (more curry to pour over the briyani rice!)

Karaikudi - fish curry

What I really liked about this place were the portion sizes which were just nice. Not too big so you still have room to sample other dishes. And do they have a lot of dishes for you to try!

Price wise, its quiteΒ  reasonable. For the 4 of us, the meal cost about RM75 including an orange lassi and a Diet Coke.

Karaikudi Restaurant (Hillside) is located at 1K, Jalan Sungai Kelian, Taman Sea View, Tanjung Bungah, Penang. Open daily from 11am-11pm. T: 04-8996466.

They also serve vegetarian set lunches. And while we were leaving the restaurant, I spotted this mouthwatering looking tosai…

Have a good weekend everyone! Happy eating!


  1. there are 2 karaikudi in Penang,the main one is in Little India.That place always crowded,packed and u can try the vegetarian set,really nice.

  2. cariso – lassi ah..no picture leh…forgot abt it cos it came quite late during the dinner! lol

    li zhu – thanks for the tip! will try out the vegetarian set next time.

    email2me – i also prefer the tandoori chic at Kapitan’s! but this one…not bad also la. πŸ˜›

    Ck Lam – you should try out this place one day. hmm speaking of Ingolf…very long didnt go d… must go again!

    criz lai – if you’re in the area, do drop by and try it. but i do prefer the kapitan tandoori! πŸ™‚

  3. I’ve seen this restaurant when I was at the German restaurant (what’s the name now..)
    Whoa…the food really looks spicy….*sweats*

    Hehehe….did you turn back for their tosai?:p

  4. Woah, Indian food. I like, but then no one will go with me because my parents don’t fancy indian food because they said the smell and taste is too strong for them

  5. You can try Al-Hambra next time.. there’s one outlet around New World Park, and another in Bayan Baru next to Victoria Station. The tandoori chicken is very nice and reasonable as well

  6. allie – the fried chicken’s good too. but i prefer the tandoori. πŸ™‚

    550ml jar of faith – hmmm banana leaf rice? i think they still have it!

    christy – unfortunately no. was really full liao. but will make another visit for the tosai! i love tosai!

    nicholas – come come, we go together with the other floggers yeah! πŸ™‚

    keeyit – can have when you come to penang! πŸ™‚

    vkeong – Al hambra near New World Park closed down πŸ™ i liked the food there. went there twice. then lately i was looking for it and discovered that its closed. but i didnt know they had another outlet near victoria station! thanks for the tip!

  7. i was having this sort of dishes when i was based in sudan. there are quite a number of indian expats there too. well, at times will look for food that is the closest to what i have in malaysia

  8. You should have been to the original Karaikudi Restaurant in Little India, Jalan Pasar. Though it is managed by the same management, the service proven much better and the food is better too…

  9. the food was so nice n delicious… it was like what i had ate at my country india… thnx karaikudi…

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