The Elusive Taman Sri Sentosa Pan Mee, Off Old Klang Road

Knowing what a big pan mee fan I was, K had mentioned to me numerous times about this pan mee place that has won the hearts of many bloggers. And after seeing Boolicious’ post I decided that I just had to go find this place!

I had no idea where Taman Sri Sentosa was but luckily Matt had a rough idea. And so after driving around the area (rows after rows of shophouses) we spotted the wet market building and hit jackpot!

Taman Sri Sentosa Pan Mee
Taman Sri Sentosa Pan Mee

The elusive shop with just a simple signboard (in Mandarin some more!) Honestly, if I had not read Boo’s post I would have no idea at all that this was a pan mee stall! lol

We took our seats and K was so amused when we were shown the ‘menu’ which was actually a photo book. 4R photos of the food served together with their prices.

I know quite a number of people who prefer their pan mee thick and torn into pieces. But I like mine thin. And definitely the dried version for me. Which was exactly what I ordered. The verdict? YUMMY! I loved the minced meat and the mushrooms and the crunchy salty ikan bilis. The noodles were silky smooth and yet not mushy, with a nice springy taste to it. Paired with the superb chilli and a squeeze of lime, this was pan mee heaven. Why oh why does Penang not have pan mee like this?

Dried thin pan mee
Dried thin pan mee (RM4.50 for the small bowl)

K had the thick pan mee soup version. I tried a sip of the soup and found it sweet and tasty. Usually I avoid the soup versions as many places have watered down soup stock, but this was not the case here. Even K (with his picky taste buds :P) gave this pan mee a stamp of approval.

Soup pan mee
Soup pan mee (RM5.50 for the big bowl)

This place also offers quite a few side dishes to enjoy with the pan mee – pork ball soup, fish balls, beancurd skin etc. I pounced on the beancurd skin with glee. Yes, I love beancurd skin.

Beancurd skin in soup
Beancurd skin in soup (RM4)

And rather oddly, they serve pandan chicken as well! We ordered two pieces (quite big pieces too! luckily I wasnt greedy cos I was tempted to order 3!) It was tender and good but had a slightly sweet aftertaste. Our tastebuds decided that it tasted better with a dash of the chilli.

Pandan chicken
Pandan chicken (RM9 for 2 pieces)

Overall, the pan mee here definitely did not disappoint. My only gripe is that its so far away from Penang! πŸ™

This pan mee stall is located at 28, Jalan Sri Sentosa 9A, Taman Sri Sentosa. Open from 8am-3pm. Closed on Mondays.

I shall not attempt to give you directions since I was not driving. All I remember is that we drve down Old Klang Road (Pearl Internationl Hotel on your left) Go straight pass the traffic lights and keep right. Start looking out for a Taman Sri Sentosa signboard on the left. At the next traffic light, turn left into Taman Sri Sentosa. After that all I remember is we drove past some flats, then came to the rows and rows of shophouses. And we stumbled upon the wet market and jackpot! Boo’s post would have more directions. πŸ™‚

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  1. I wish we had qood quality pan mee like this all over the place, then don’t have to try so hard to locate decent chow.

    There’s a nice one in Tmn Pelangi, JB. Next to the Kim Kopitiam, for those who know it. I head there every time I’m in JB. Delish!

  2. Oooh, found this not too long ago, also thanks to Masak Masak’s blog and directions. To think it’s located just down the road from where I live, albeit through some twists and turns off the beaten track! Imagine all the other stuff hidden in lesser known places that we’re missing out on without directions! Didn’t you think the pandan chicken was a tad overpriced?

  3. Yoh! Me and Gill had tried that stall, like last year. Gill is also Pan Mee fan like you.

    It is just a stone throw away from her uncle’s nyonya kuih making shop. The Pan Mee is quite nice but unfortunately I had a extra add-in, a piece of rubberband. Wah Lau! Anyway no one is perfect, may I was lucky that day. I thought it was cuttle fish or something chewy. Nasib baik tak telan, or else can become Mr. Elastic. Hahaha…

  4. I am also a great fan of pan mee. Beancurd skin in soup, my favourite too.

    BoBo Pan Mee at Pandan Indah also serve great pan mee and their chili is superb!

  5. precious pea – yes! im so glad i found the hidden jewel! craving for a bowl now…

    life for beginners – JB you say? noted. if i do go to JB, shall bug you for the directions to the place! hehe

    550ml jar of faith – part of the fun was the ‘adventure’ in finding the place! lol and yes sometimes we have hidden gems in our backlanes that we never even knew abt! i did think the pandan chicken was a bit expensive for a place like this..but it was big and juicy…so ok lar.. πŸ™‚

  6. jason – hahaha! i can imagine you become mr elastic… actually mr incredible would be better dont you think? lol didnt know gill’s uncle makes nyonya kuih!! i love nyonya kuih…good ones hard to find these days.. πŸ™

    penangtuapui – hehe sorry yeah. i memang a bit lost around that area. next time i go again then i draw map ok?

    email2me – i know! your chilli pan mee near your house one…. the VERY spicy one! hear already also scared to try la! hehe

  7. allie – we have same taste yeah! πŸ™‚ pandan indah ah? ok ok i must go find this place liao…will ask K if he knows it πŸ˜›

    ladyhomechef – hi there! do you have pan mee in sg?

    email2me – aiyo another spicy spicy pan mee stall ah…lol. next time you bring me ok?

  8. durianberry – yay to all pan mee lovers! all hail the great pan mee! πŸ™‚

    zi sheng -hi there! thank you! bet you’re coming back real soon to have your share of penang food! πŸ™‚

    g for free – hello! thanks for dropping by! πŸ™‚

  9. Wah, old Klang Road… already explore until so far dee. I think I need to buck up dee. I will conquer BM and Prai first. Pan mee for RM4.50 per bowl in KL consider very cheap dee. Good one.

  10. well, this place is kinda well known after “Ho Chak!” promoted them. For me, Jalan Chow Kit’s KIN KIN Pan Mee still rocks big time hehe

    it’s fresh that it is hand made in taman sri sentosa though, giving it its specialty.


  11. Hi Lingzie, actually there are a few nice Pan Mee in Penang as well. Have you tried the one at Kong Bee Lee Kopitiam on Pulau Tikus and the one behind i-Avenue at Bukit Jambul (not the one under the tree) but the corner Kopitiam?

    Those 2 stalls are my favourite, I love the soup at Kong Bee Lee stall, it goes very well with the chilly paddy with lime juice. I usually order the hand-torn noodles, eat them piece by piece, yummy as breakfast!

    The one at i-Avenue has a lot of garlic in it, taste is slightly different but not bad also.
    .-= CHΒ΄s last blog ..How to Make a Woman Happy! =-.

    1. thanks CH! i’ve heard quite a lot abt the pan mee at Kong bee lee, but somehow havent gone! but i recently discovered I mum mum Pan mee which is pretty good too! πŸ™‚

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