De Potluck – 3rd Food Blogger Gathering on 6th December!

Makan-makan time is upon us once again! This time, its gonna be a potluck! The perfect opportunity to show off your culinary skills and bring along your signature dish! But because its a potluck and due to space constraints, we’re limiting the gathering to 20pax only!

Many thanks to Gill for designing the invite. 🙂

So please do email me at if you want to join us!

If you have no idea what to bring for the pot luck/can’t cook, some items we’re still missing:

Fruits (The hosts have requested for something a bit more special :P)
Paper Plate & Cup
Look forward to seeing you guys! 🙂


  1. allie – yeah we will miss your company this time 🙁

    nkotb – aiyo clash again ah?! *sob sob*

    thenomadGourmand – yes please join us!! and if its not convenient for you to cook, can buy food/drinks/utensils (paper plates,cups etc). do let me know what you intend to bring ya! 🙂

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