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My first encounter with Bravo Italiana a few months back was rather mediocre, mainly because I had only tried one main dish and an appetizer.

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I vowed to go back again for a second visit. This time, I came away pleasantly surprised!

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Our first course was a Mixed Bean Soup (RM6) which is a soup of the day. It was certainly a good way to kick off the meal. Large portion, filled with lots of different mixed beans , lentils and even some pasta. A very wholesome soup indeed! Would be really good eaten piping hot on a cold rainy day!

bi13The Bruschetta (RM8.80) however, left me wanting. I was expecting a burst of sour tomatoes and fragrant herbs, drenched in olive oil on a soft baguette.  Instead, I found the bread here rather hard and dry. Also, I felt that it could do with more herbs and olive oil. Perhaps my taste buds are more used to Bella Italia’s version.

bi11The Scallops Glatine (RM28 for half a dozen) is perhaps my favourite dish from the meal! The scallops were fresh (not to mention huge!). Very tasty and rich with lots of cheese, cream and mushrooms! A definite winner!

bi12The Baked Oyster Vesuvio (RM28 for half a dozen) may look similar to the scallops but it has a totally different taste. The oysters are baked with tomatoes and capsicums, topped with cheese. Personally, I prefer the scallops to the oyster which were also good in their own way.

bi10My favourite main dish would probably be the Italiano’s Combination (RM39.80). Its a combination of steak, fish and prawns. I loved the steak and the prawns! The fish, being a freshwater fish, had an ‘earthy’ taste to it which I did not fancy. Otherwise, this would have been near perfect. Quite a big portion so small eaters may want to share and save room for dessert later (trust me, you MUST save room for dessert!!)


  1. email2me & New kid – the photos are not mine! see the last paragraph? the photos are by Albert of camostudio. he’s a pro photographer 🙂

    cariso – hehehe see liao also scared hoh? must really learn to control myself… 😛

  2. I love Bruschetta as a great start to a great meal… but yeah, when it’s a letdown, I’m usually in a poor mood (or appetite, really) for the rest of the meal. Ah well.

    P.S. Thank so much for your kind offer to take me around Penang when I come up. I hope to do so soon! (I’m off to Sabah tomorrow, followed by Perak and Perlis. Groans.)

    Life for Beginners´s last blog post..A Cup of Coffee

  3. LFB – well…there’s always dessert to end the meal on a sweet note! lol. safe journey!

    thenomadGourmand – yes yes yes! lol

    allie – yayy!!! we must tell the owner to put panna cotta in the menu on a daily basis la! heehee

    550ml jar of faith – yeah i do notice a lot of places using freshwater fish…wonder if there’s any way to get rid of that earthy taste?

  4. ck – ya loh. luckily all 4 desserts not available at the same time… so in future…can control a bit kua… 😛

    christine – oh then im sure you’ll like the scallops here, if you’re a cheese fan too! 🙂

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