1. this still a NO NO place for me after the first visit… much more improvement needed.

    environment wise, it is good, but for food… i am sorry, much more improvement required. Serving sequence also out. And need more time to see if there is imprvement.

    The boss/chef is the one at Macedonie QBM

    PenangTuaPui´s last blog post..Penang Food | Greenlane Market Apong

  2. I notice the food is not cheap either before discount! I think the fusion food served here does not look 100% fusion at all rather more then 80% chinese. hahah I also spotted the lotus root, lol! I am not sure if I am right or not, by seeing the menu, they got a lot of dishes to offer, I hope they serve 100% fresh food.

    Ssd to see beautiful restaurant and heavily invested but food no good.

    Big Boys Oven´s last blog post..

  3. Last Friday I went to there also, the food is just normal to me…not so delicious. But I had spent a wonderful time at there because of a waiter, a cutely Chinese girl. I had waited 40m for my food, when the same girl was served my food, she had apologize to me for waiting…good attitude

  4. hi,i been there few time,i been thru lunch and dinner,well in lunch i been attend by waitress and waiter,but when i come for dinner there is nobody attend me.its seen there is not enough staff or what!!i so hungry at that time,but nobody seem to care.

  5. hi, i just came back from there for lunch… overall disappointed… exspecially the soup of the day (waitress said is tomota soup), but i cannot taste any, becoz it was very very very salty…. no second time for me.

  6. I had a very bad experience here.
    We had to wait for about an hour for our food.
    Plus, food was not even nice.

    Definitely not worth the price.
    Grab a burger from Maccers… it will satisfy you more.

  7. i plan to have a christmas party for 60 pax this year at this restaurant reason they have beautiful night ambience and space. Unfortunately, my friends doesn’t agree due to bad service and food are so so but costly even discounted. Waited for the food for 40 mins. Can you imagine that?

  8. The services there is very very poor for me… …wait for almost an hour for the food during dinner time… …really poor…

  9. The chicken (piccatta?) was not nicely cooked & not fresh at all kinda frozen food without properly cooked and the bread served was overcooked with much black charcoal and the waiter said “it’s sasame” “you eat & see”
    All in all, the food taste so bad that I don’t appreciate the supposed nice decorated place.

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