Yap Hup Kee Hakka Yong Tau Foo @ Pudu, KL

When Matt asked me recently what I felt like for lunch, I immediately said “chee cheong fun! with Yong tau foo!” I haven’t had good yong tau foo in ages and I was also craving for some chee cheong fun KL style – sweet beanpaste sauce (‘tim cheong’) and all!

Chee Cheong Fun topped with dried prawns

And so Matt took over the wheel and proceeded to drive us to Pudu. Imagine my surprise when he turned into small lanes filled with row after row of printing and paper shops! I shot him a worried, slightly bewildered look but he just laughed and told me not to worry. I would be pleasantly surprised, he said.

hytf2And so, right smack in the middle of printing shops along Jalan Brunei Barat is Yap Hup Kee Restaurant! Apparently this place has been around for a long while and they now have an air conditioned eating area.

Immediately upon entering the shop are plate after plate of stuffed yong tau foo items ready for picking. I was estatic!

hytf5I wasn’t too sure what I was picking, but I just kept piling stuff on my plate! lol

hytf3There were stuffed eggplants! Stuffed bitter gourd (which I don’t eat. That’s Matt’s picking 😛 ) Beancurds stuffed with meat! Fish balls! Beancurd skin! and lots more fried stuff. I loved the fact that the fried items come served crispy and piping hot!

hytf6And to balance off all that sinful fried stuff, Matt piled on the greens – leafy vegetables, stuffed chilly, ladies fingers and more. Best eaten dipped in their chilli sauce and sweet sauce.

We both had the chee cheong fun with sweet beanpaste and topped with their signature dried prawns. The chee cheong fun was lovely! Smooth and tasty and wonderfully fragrant due to the dried prawns! The chee cheong fun comes with curry too if sweet beanpaste is not your thing. Our meal for two (including drinks) came up to about RM16.

Upon browsing their menu, I found out that their also famous for claypot lou shu fun and claypot prawn dumpling soup. Ah! Next time perhaps! 🙂


Yap Hup Kee Restaurant is located at 45 Jalan Brunei Barat (Off Jalan Pudu), 55100 Kuala Lumpur. T: 03-2148 9220. Business hours: 9am-5pm, 5.30pm-11pm. Off on every alternate Tuesday.

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  1. ooooo!! i know this place!! hahaha.. the chee cheong fan best!! LOL +D and the lou shu fun also nice!! =D hahaa.. its been a while since i last went there.. LOL =D

  2. guys sorry i’ve been tardy about replying comments. my notebook died so i have limited net access 🙁

    wow i didn’t know that this place was such a crowd favourite! lol and i didn’t know there was a branch in uptown!

    J2Kfm – yup the dried prawns really pack a punch!

    kampungboy citygal – you’re right about the slippery oily floor! luckily i was there early so it wasnt so bad.

    lingzie´s last blog post..Yap Hup Kee Hakka Yong Tau Foo @ Pudu, KL

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