Flying off!

I am typing this on my brand spanking new notebook! The keyboard’s shiny and smooth and a lil too glitzy for me actually. But after battling through the crowds at PC Fair and spending about 4 long hours there, I finally got a notebook which I thought suited my needs best (and being reasonably priced too!). Its a Toshiba.

This whole week has been a little crazy at home and at work. And I did want to try to squeeze in a foodie post but alas work and other matters took precedence.

I am very excited however, because I will be going off for a short short holiday this weekend!! Yay!! And rest assured, I will be snapping lots and lots of food photos! Where will I be flying off to? Well… let’s just say I’m going to the land of pork chop buns and portugese egg tarts! 🙂

Will be back next week ya all!


  1. Macau , Macau , very famous wonton mee and pork chop bun and of course very original baked rice 🙂 Cant wait to see the photos~

    dont forgot to visit the TIM ZAI FATT little bowl shark fin ( gelatin – so will not harm the Sharks) 🙂 ENjoy your TRIP~!!

  2. aiks, how can Macau holidays be short? eheheh ..
    hope you have a whale of a time there.

    and bring back some almond biscuits/Port egg tarts!

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