Macau Street Foods

Other than dining at Macau’s restaurants and cafes, we also got the chance to sample some of Macau’s street foods! Photos galore so let’s get to it! 🙂

1. “Lo Mai Fan”, Porridge and Pork Dumplings (“siew mai”) from random street vendor


We were walking from the hotel past Senoda Square when we stumbled upon this stall along Rua Dos Mercadores. All the steam made us curious. And we found this…


Piping hot “lo mai fan” (glutinous rice) with lots and lots of chinese sausages!


Another pot held delicious peanut porridge. We bought a bowl of “lo mai fan”, peanut porridge and 4 pcs of “siew mai” for only MOP 20 (approx. RM10)! Dirt cheap and very yummy! We dug in whole heartedly into the delicious “lo mai fan”

2. Curry Fish Balls


Ah the ever popular street food of Hong Kong! Also widely available in Macau. This stall was just a few doors away from Solmar and opposite Metropole hotel.


MOP8 for two sticks of fish balls. The curry was a mild one, slightly sweet too. I didn’t really fancy it, but I suppose it was one of those things that you just had to try. I did love the feeling of munching away on something hot along the street, on a cold windy night!
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  1. Lo mai fan looks really good, 2molo steam lo mai fan :). But the pic show that the steamer containing lo mai fan got holes with it right, why the rice never drip off into the hot water?

  2. Oh wow! those fishballs look awesomely yummy! =) Ever since I watched Boys over flower Kdrama – I want to go to Macau! heheh the drama promoted Macau really good! haha x

  3. I would like to learn how to make different kind of balls sell on the street of Macao, near Senado Square (Pork, beef, fish balls). I would like to cook it for my family. Hope you can help me.

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