Blue Reef Fish & Chips – My Current Favourite Restaurant!

Every now and then, my family and I  stumble upon a restaurant that we all adore. Now this is no easy task, as we are a family with varying taste buds and eating patterns (she’s not keen on vegetables, he’s not keen on spicy food, she’s vegetarian, he doesn’t eat fish etc etc). So to find a place we all like to eat at is hard enough. What’s even harder is for our friends to like the place as well! But, we recently found one such place…. none other than Blue Reef Fish & Chips! (located at Casa Permai 2, a few doors away from Annabelle’s Place)


I’ve been wanting to blog about this place since I first patronized the place back in Feb this year. But somehow never got around to it, because everytime I make a re-visit, there are new items on the menu and we keep trying different things! Therefore this long long post, is actually accumulated from about 7-8 visits!


Blue Reef Fish & Chips is simple but charming and quietly confident, with a strong sense of who they are. They’re not glitter and glamour. Instead, they serve up hearty meals that don’t burn a huge hole in your pocket. Eager to know more? Well read on then! 🙂

First, let’s take a look at their appetizers…


The Soup of the Day (RM8) varies on a day to day basis. And so far, the Paprika Soup gets thumbs up from me! I love the yummy bread sticks that come with the soups. The mushroom soup and oxtail soup meanwhile are mediocre to me.


I also like the Salt & Pepper Squids (RM9). The squids are fried upon ordering, so you get hot and crispy squids! No cold rubbery squids here. I would like it with more pepper though, so I always add extra black pepper to mine 🙂


Meanwhile, the Breaded Calamari Rings (RM10) are pretty tasty as its also served hot and crispy. I don’t fancy it as much as the Salt & Pepper Squids though.


The Fresh Garden Salad (with choice of French or Italian dressing) RM6 is a big serving of fresh vegetables – perfect for increasing our daily vegetable intake.


Garlic Bread (RM5)… yummm! These are good! Not the best I’ve tasted, but really good nonetheless. One thing to note is that they use wholemeal bread here instead of normal white bread. Wholemeal bread warmly toasted and topped with just the right amount of homemade garlic butter and herbs! One slice is not enough!

Now let’s take a look at their mains….


  1. Always heard about this restaurant from you.. and finally here’s your detail review! Cool! I’m sure gonna try the fish & chips and the aglio olio too! Thanks for sharing!

  2. lingtze…u seriously ate all those foods?!!!!….or those are the foods on next tablessss?? hahahahha

    ur review is great…the photo is great too….must teach me how to take pic nicely worr…

    miss u

    cherry´s last blog post..Hubby’s Birthday

  3. I’ve not visited this place before… in order to have all the dishes from the menu, best is to visit them couple of times and post a 1 time post. 🙂

    You did a good job! I like reading it. It’s so detailed that which to take, a very good recommended review. 🙂

    New Kid On The Blog´s last blog post..Feringgi Grill

  4. Food Paradise – hope you’ll like the food here. i think your gal will like it 🙂 but the hot choc so-so nia.

    allie – if you’re having the fish & chips, i think you’ll need someone to share it with. quite a big portion. 🙂

    BBO – starters also not bad la! hehe

    550ml Jar of Faith – oooo you know them? well very satisfied customer here! lol

    Life for Beginners – next time you come to penang, we bring you ok?

    hi cherry!! long time no see! when are you coming to visit penang? 🙂

    sugar bean – thanks for the compliments!

    lingzie´s last blog post..Blue Reef Fish & Chips – My Current Favourite Restaurant!

  5. Gina – yep! i love the pepper shaker. and that Sarson’s malt vinegar.

    CK – yup! time for a revisit! lots of new items on their menu.

    NKOTB – thank you!

    Sakai Girl – ya the squids really pretty good. i almost always order something.

    J2Kfm – lol! no no definitely not from one visit. more like 7-8 visits!

    FoodBin -ooo i LOVE the aglio olio. i think you’ll like it too!

    lingzie´s last blog post..Blue Reef Fish & Chips – My Current Favourite Restaurant!

  6. Wow, a very detailed post on Blue Reef. Very good. I saw your post on Facebook and link it from there.

    My mom was crazy over the Sweet & Sour fish freshness. I had a medium expectation on the Chicken miso when i ordered them, but it definitely won me over with the smell itself. Thumbs up!

  7. Do they serve fish & chip with good vinegar sauce? I been looking for a place that serve fish & chip like the one you get in UK / Australia.

    1. hi ly!

      they serve their fish & chips with Sarson’s Malt Vinegar and home made tartar sauce. So far, I think they’re the only ones serving fish & chips with vinegar. Probably may not be just like the ones in UK/Oz but i would think it comes pretty close. hope you like the fish & chips here. 🙂

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