Pork Burgers and More @ Cristang, Petaling Jaya

Here’s a meaty start to the week… yummy wholesome pork burgers…… ~drools~ (home made pork burger patties too mind you!) I had first read about Cristang from Absolut Ginger who should really be a flogger herself, what with her frequent drool-worthy, saliva enducing makan trips!


Cristang is a quiet, laid back place that serves Malacan style Portugese cuisine with some western cuisine dishes too. And their current best seller would be their 6 varieties of pork burgers (named P1 to P6)

I chose the P3 (RM22.80) which is a deliciously tender pork burger patty with pork chilli con carne, bacon, cheese, lettuce and gherkins.


Served with wedges, this pork burger definitely hits the spot! Portion size was just right for me, but it might be a lil small if you’re really hungry.

Oh! And one important thing to note about these burgers…. 20% off all pork burgers on Wednesdays!! The pork burgers range from RM14.80-RM29.80

And there’s even a petai version 🙂


We couldn’t leave Cristang without trying something Portugese, so we picked the Pork Rib Ambila (RM16.80 for the small portion). This, we are told is a family recipe passed down from generation to generation and originally uses bacon bone. The affable owner Gerald tells us that he wasn’t able to source for bacon bone previously. But now, he’s found them and so will be switching to bacon bone, the way its meant to be made! And we were lucky enough to try the ambila curry with bacon bone.

And how does the Ambila taste? It was absolutely delish!! Rich thick curry, which was not too spicy or salty. The long beans gave the dish a nice crunch. Perfect eaten with rice.


I also spotted Chicken Vindaloo (I heart!!) and Portugese Lamb Curry on the menu which looked very enticing. What I like is that Cristang offers 2 portion sizes for these dishes to cater smaller groups as well as large groups.


Feeling rather ravenous, we decided to order a grilled pork chop with mushroom sauce (RM17.80). This was mediocre after the bursting flavours of the ambila curry and pork burgers. We found the pork chop to be a little tough as well.


To end the meal, we tried their special Home Made Oreo Ice Cream (RM12.80). The ice cream was a bit soft though, melting rather quickly after I snapped some photos. But it was still a sweet end to a satisfying meal.

Cristang Restaurant also offers various fried rice meals, noodles, Laksa and lots of Portugese style dishes (which I intend to ‘attack’ on future visits!!)


And where is this lovely establishment? The address: B-G-19, 8 Avenue, Jalan Sungei Jernih (8/1), 46050 Petaling Jaya. Tel: 03-7956 7877

Opening hours: Tues to Sun 11am-3pm, 5.30pm-11pm. Closed on Mondays.


Its located behind the row of shops opposite PJ Hilton hotel. Click here for map and here for Cristang’s Facebook account. The Cristang signboard is rather small and unassuming. But when you spot this huge Miracle’s signboard, you’ll know you’re on the right track as Cristang is just a few doors away (see the oval shaped white signboard on the left of the photo? That’s Cristang’s signboard)

I can’t wait for my next visit!

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  1. Wah.. come to PJ also never call me ah. Wah.. the oreos ice cream now is looking great. Last time, when I visited again, they gave us in a wine glass.. how to dig in?? Geez.. and the ice cream went soft very fast. I guess need to tell this to the boss, Gerald.

    gina´s last blog post..Things That Made a Happy Weekend

  2. … about being a flogger… I think I am not going to write too much about good food already.. the places that I really like to frequent ended not that nice anymore because too many ppl going to the same place.. sigh… I better keep such gems to myself. *Selfish* LOL

    gina´s last blog post..Things That Made a Happy Weekend

  3. chris tock – i think you’ll like the place! 🙂

    550ml jar of faith – i had some problems finding it too, because i first went on a monday (when it was closed, and i didn’t know!) i spotted the signboard but couldnt find the store and end up walking up and down…only to realize its on the ground floor and it’s closed! 8 Avenue is a row of shops behind courts (its got old town etc)

    gina – impromptu visit la dearie… will call you next time k! then you can bring me to those gems that you’re gonna keep to yourself. and i wont blog abt it, i promise! lol

  4. Didn’t know vindaloo is a portuguese dish, I thought it was Indian. My mom cooks it… ambila too, no devil curry? Haha, the owner shares my name..

  5. ck – nah…gina’s a sweetheart 🙂

    J2Kfm – you a big fan of petai? then you can enjoy the petai burger while i’ll have mine sans petai!! lol

    gerald – yeah!! i immediately thought of you when i found out the owner’s name! 🙂

    food paradise – yeah lo….where to get pork burgers in penang hah?

  6. What’s the red sauce made of on the very first picture?

    It looks nice and i just :LOVE: to make my own burgers in the weekend.

    I am going to do an experiment mixing petai into my burgers this afternoon 😉

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