Kocha Taiwanese Delight @ Burmah Road, Penang


Kocha Taiwanese Delight is no stranger to the Penang food scene. But it remains a favourite of mine whenever I’m looking for Taiwanese food in Penang.

The friendly owners from Taiwan who run the place have a penchant for gardening and an interest in fishes, hence the many aquariums decorating the restaurant.


kocha3A nice and quiet corner of the restaurant for those who prefer some privacy


Kocha Taiwanese Delight offers an extensive menu, ranging from light snacks, to set meals, to noodles and even mini steamboats!

kocha5And of course, the ubiquitous Taiwanese import – Bubble Pearl Milk Tea is served here in various flavours. But I still like the original version pictured here.

To kick start our meal for the night, we decided to try some of their appetizers.

kocha6The Cod Fish Roll (RM9.50) was served piping hot. A tasty crunchy snack, albeit a lil oily for my liking.



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  2. There is one new Taiwanes Restaurant at Pulau Tikus called a bite of Taiwan. Although the menu does not have alot of choices, but the food is really nice.Its rally authentic Taiwanese flavour

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