Young Heart’s Mid Autumn Special Reunion Package (4pax)

I’ve been a fan and regular at Young Heart Restaurant since its early days back in 2007. Since then, I’ve seen the modest little restaurant with a unique concept grow from strength to strength. Much to my delight, Young Heart has currently grown to include more food choices with value for money set meals, all the while maintaining their quality and ambience.


It is still the place I go to when I need a lil sanctuary to sooth my nerves. And it is also now a place my family and I go to for a healthy wholesome meal.


Recently, I had the opportunity to be invited to try out their Mid Autumn Special meal packages. I may think I know most of their menu by heart from my many visits, but with their new menu launched about 2 months ago, I found myself trying new things I didn’t know about! Young Heart’s Mid Autumn Specials contain 2 meal packages – A reunion package (for 4pax at RM123nett) and a Romantic package (for 2 pax at RM55nett)


We were ushered into Young Heart’s private function room (which is available for bookings).


Pu Er tea to start the meal…

yh17Overview of the Mid Autumn Special Reunion Package for 4 pax. This post will concentrate on the reunion package, while the Romantic Package will be introduced in the next post 🙂


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