Seri Kembangan Best Fish Head Bihun!

On a recent trip down to KL, a relative sang praises of a shop in Seri Kembangan offering fantastic Fish Head Bihun. I’m not a big fan of fish head, but I do love KL’s version of the fish head bihun with evaporated milk added into the soup. So I was game for it!


We arrived at Seri Kembangan, to this rather unassuming coffee shop…


And me being the ‘banana’ that I am, couldn’t read Mandarin, so I exclaimed ‘hey this shop selling bak kut teh la! where got fish head bihun?’ Little did I realize that the shop has TWO signboards – the white Fish Head Bihun signboard (written in Mandarin) above the green Bak Kut Teh signboard.

I honestly would not have walked into this place had it not been for the recommendation, for even the menu is entirely in Mandarin…


Of course the star attraction was the Fish Head Bihun, so we immediately ordered it. You would notice from the menu that only RM0.50 separates the small and large bowl of noodles. Perhaps it’s just an addition of more noodles for the larger bowl?

We ordered the small portion…and boy was it big!! And very very creamy due to the generous amount of evaporated milk! (Do note that there is an additional RM1 charge for fish head bihun with evaporated milk, which would make it RM7.50 a bowl) I couldn’t stop drinking the flavorful soup base even though I was already filled to the brim!


Delicious crispy fried fish! (there’s a mix of fish head as well as fish meat) We were told that they import their fish from New Zealand.


Clear soup fish head bihun for those who don’t take milk… the soup base is equally tasty but much lighter with more prominent taste of ginger. But of course I would choose the one with evaporated milk! *tee hee*


    1. lol! hopefully its both good food and good biz! but somehow i found the green signboard more prominent 😛

    1. yeah lo…dunno why penang dont have this version… maybe we can bring our own evaporated milk and ask them to add?? haha

    1. the cat super cute leh? heeheehee
      oh my friend just told me abt the kuchai lama one. that’s the best wor…or so he claims 😛

    1. hi henry! i’ve eaten at roadhouse grill many many moons ago (before i started this blog) perhaps its time for a re-visit! what would you recommend?

    1. lol but i must say your nose really very keng la! can sniff out all the good food at little nooks and crannies! 🙂

  1. Lingzie

    there is another place in seri kembangan that served, “Yue Wat Sin Nai”, Fish paste with evaporated milk noodle, similar to fish head noodle, just that they use fish paste. their tom yam is good too. it was in housing area, near the fatty chicken rice.

    BTW, i’m going to penang, what is the list of food that must have?

    list + address (better still if you have the GPS coordinate)
    .-= LX´s last blog ..Gundam vs Transformer =-.

  2. hi, i would like to ask about this seri kembangan best fish head bihun is located which location? can i have the address? thank you.

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