Hard Rock Hotel Penang’s Starz Diner Seafood Buffet

It’s been about a month since Hard Rock Hotel graced our sunny shores. And so we thought it appropriate to pay a virgin visit to the hotel, starting with the Seafood buffet at Starz Diner.


Incidentally, the night we were there for the buffet was also the official opening night of Hard Rock Cafe. So there were lots of people, media and curious onlookers, lots of super bikes on display and literally no place to park. However, the security guards were nice enough to tell us that we could park across the street.


We arrived to a rather empty Starz Diner, probably because everyone else was hanging aroud in the lobby having some snacks and appetizers before the official do at Hard Rock Cafe. The chefs on duty at Starz Diner were also busy churning out tempura prawns and other goodies. But I didn’t complain about the lack of crowd for it allowed me to happily go about snapping photos!

The diner is done up in purple and white. And while I love the color scheme (purple’s my new pink!) and the waitresses cute diner style purple uniform, the place did look rather bare. Perhaps they were going for a fuss free mood?


Bread station with nice fluffy buns…no complaints there! 🙂


Appetizers, salads and starters table


Sashimi and oysters (which I skipped cos I’m not an oyster person)


Slipper lobsters on ice


Mains… and friendly chefs who wanted to stop and pose for my camera. 🙂 The mains consisted of a few seafood dishes, lamb, stir fried broccoli and some carbs – pineapple rice and noodles.


Chilli crabs


  1. Good write-up. The ambiance (do hope it has a nice lookout the sea) and I am sure there are some food I like! Will sure check out the newest addition to Penang tourist map.

    1. hi chin! starz diner has an outdoor area (which i didnt really check out cos it was rather warm and i was too busy taking photos! lol)
      but they’ve got a lovely swimming pool. if you want a nice lookout to the sea while you eat, i think the Pizzeria would be a better bet, in my opinion. 🙂

  2. Well, i went there (starz diner) seafood buffet.
    It was very bad for the service, food, environment ! Slipper lobster (cold) on ice were really having endless supply because it was totally not fresh. Grilled slipper lobster i only managed to get one (cut into two pieces) and they replaced ti with prawns.

    The dinner outing in starz diner was really unhappy, and not satisfying. Sorry to say that but i really need to say they only selling their brand for Hard Rock Cafe not other outlets ! Really ridiculous.

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