Wedding Cupcakes for a Friend

Kindly forgive my absence and lack of updates the past week, for I was actually rather stressed and tied up with making these…..

wedding cupcake

Wedding cupcakes! For a dear friend who got married last weekend. 🙂

wedding cupcake2

They are far from perfect, but I must fan my own self esteem a lil and say that they do look pretty good for a first timer 😛

wedding bears

I am especially proud of these lil wedding bears I made out of chocolate fondant. Cute or not? (There is supposed to be another ‘groom’ bear in there but I hadn’t finished making him yet when I snapped this photo, so it’s actually TWO bear COUPLES and not one groom bear marrying two bear brides!)

wedding bears2

See? The bear bride has a lil veil too! 🙂 🙂 🙂

wedding cupcake3

~big huge grin~

Regular food reviews coming soon! ~


  1. hi there,

    Im intrested to order cupcakes as my wedding door gifts. I would like to ask about the charges and designs available! And also what is the price including all?
    Thank you

    Best regards,

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