Penang Special Samosa @ Little India

I’ve always been a big fan of Indian food though my knowledge about it is still very much in its infancy stage. I love how spices add so much depth and flavour to otherwise ordinary ingredients. Therefore I was most delighted when I stumbled upon this lil stall at the junction of Market Street and Queen Street in Little India selling an array of Indian snacks.

The guy manning the stall was frying up a storm of goodies. Delicious smells wafting through the air which piqued my interest. I was told that their speciality is Samosas (Indian Curry Puff)

Golden brown samosas, hot and fresh out of the fryer! They had two versions for sale during my visit – vegetarian (potatoes) samosa and chicken samosa. I chose the chicken. Two of them in fact. 😛

I had expected them to be tasty (since this was their speciality and I was in Little India after all). But what I didn’t expect was to bite into the hot and crispy skin, revealing the wonderfully fragrant filling of curried potatoes and chicken. Just the right amount of spices and heat. One bite…. and I was, from that bite onwards, a fan.

This is seriously one good samosa!! (Sooo good in fact that I just sat in my car savouring every bite, and hence totally forgot to take a photo of the half eaten samosa! And thank goodness I was greedy enough to buy two 😛 )

Other than the samosas, they sell a variety of other snacks – both savoury and sweet. Now, I’m no ambassador of indian snacks so I didn’t know what most of them were (save for a few) so I kept pestering the poor man asking him ‘oh what’s this? what’s that? this one leh?’

Banana fritters in the foreground

He very patiently answered my questions but for the life of me I can’t remember the foreign sounding names. But don’t they all look appetizing??

But this! I definitely knew this! Chickpeas!! and not just any normal chickpea… They’re spiced with chillies and curry leaves and spices. So of course I had to buy these. And they definitely did not disappoint. (Was happily munching on them later that night while watching the telly, much healthier than a bag of chips I would say? hee hee)

I spotted this and was told it’s Sugee Cake. Looks most interesting but it looked more like a cookie than a cake to me. Definitely want to go back and try this! 🙂

Penang Special Samosa plus other yummy indian snacks is located at 45 Queen Street 10200 Penang (its actually a small stall at the junction of Queen Street and Market Street) in Little India. Opening hours: Mon-Sat, Mornings about 9am til late evenings. Closed on Sundays. TEL: 016-401 7595

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  1. I have visited this stall on many occasions and can assure you he does the best samosas you will ever taste!

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