Canele Pattiserie @ Paragon, Orchard Road, Singapore

Ever wondered what happens when a Dessert Queen meets Singapore’s well loved Dessert King?

A serious over-dose of desserts is what! 😛

Now I adore desserts. Absolutely whole heartedly adore them! So when I arrived in Singapore for an ultra short trip, I almost immediately made a bee line for Canele Pattiserie at Paragon.

I ooh-ed and aah-ed over the various pretty packaging designs…

And then I ooh-ed and aah-ed some more at the lovely display of desserts…

And then after I proceeded to the very difficult task of choosing just six macaron flavors out of Canele’s many varied flavors. Canele’s Macarons 6pc box – SGD14.50

I finally decided on New York (new flavor it seems), Green Tea, Hazelnut, Passion Fruit Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Caramel.

They were delicious! Sweet, yes. But crispy and chewy at the same time. Bliss!

My favourite of the lot? Definitely the caramel! Followed closely by the Hazelnut and the Dark Chocolate. 🙂

Now remember the part where I mentioned the serious over-dose of desserts? Well it happens much later on during the night. Right after I met said Dessert King, and right after dinner with him and one of my favourite writers 😛

We had on purpose, had a lighter dinner, to leave stomach space for dessert. And guess where we ended up? Yup! None other than Canele Patisserie!


  1. I had macaroons for the first time in Singapore too on this trip down in Boon Lay station mall it was at the DIY cake design store, okay at 3 for $5 SD

    I couldn’t find them in New York City at all for some odd reason Madelines were easy but not macaroons.

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